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    Logic would say that you are 100% right that we need to draft Defense. I agree.

    My reasoning for bringing this possibility up is at one point Andre Smith was ranked the #2 prospect in the whole draft by some experts. I have watched a bunch of Alabama games and he was Dominate!!!!

    So my only arguement would be Best Player Available. Like if you have a good Offensive Line and Walter Jones is available to you do you draft him???

    I still would rather have BJ or trade down and select Clay Mathews and Ron Brace


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      Originally posted by japfaff View Post
      If it improves the team i am all for it. I personally think that Harris would be a better guard than a Tackle. I have real worries about him next year in a man blocking scheme. I think that his arms are just to short, and I thik that he is a little light in the butt. But we will see.
      What makes you think we're switching to a man-blocking scheme. I know that's what they ran in New England, but there's a huge reason why McD kept both our Running Backs coaches from last year. We're sticking with the zone blocking scheme, I'd bet the house on it.
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        Harris really isn't a tweener, best to leave him at tackle.


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          Harris would make a betterRG then LG. he is not agile enough for it.
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            Originally posted by Goatmaster View Post
            hamilton and weigman are old and we could upgrade at guard
            Our entire defense is a piece of trash and we need upgrades at every single position.

            Our offensive line was the BEST last year in terms of pass protection.

            This is a god awful idea.