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Colts looking at sanchez

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  • Colts looking at sanchez

    looks like the colts are looking to find a replacements for manning in the future
    highley doubt it
    just figured it was intresting
    i doubt sanchez gets passed the jets

    USC QB Mark Sanchez is expected to have private workouts with the Jets and the Colts prior to his April 1 Pro Day.

    The Jets appear committed to allowing Brett Ratliff and Kellen Clemens the opportunity to determine if either can be the answer at quarterback. If not, Sanchez could take over down the line. The Colts have too many holes to think about taking a quarterback with the No. 27 pick
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    I think finding a replacement for Manning is a good idea for the Colts to start thinking about now. Real good idea actually. However, I agree with you in that I don't think they can afford to in the first round. And I also highly doubt that Sanchez will be passed up by the Jets if they have the opportunity to grab him at number 17.
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      I would like the Colts to do this just so it gives us a better chance at a quality guy with our second round pick. But it would be retarded to say the least for the Colts to do this, when I think Peyton has a good 4-5 years left in him. It's a really weak QB class this year, I think they can afford to wait for a better group of QBs to come along.
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        If a contending team wants to use it's top pick on a player who won't see the field then I'm cool with that.


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          yea they can wait a couple years manning still has some gass in the tank but it wouldnt be a bad idea to draft and develop a qb for the future
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            2 words,

            Jim Sorgi.

            Lol, he's a great backup but I just dont see him as a full time starter.
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              Anyone think that Sanchez would not be rated so highly had he not been at USC, with arguably the best defense in the country and skill players all around him. I saw him throw some very ugly pics against some questionable PAC-10 defenses and think he would be a waste of a first round pick. I do hope the Colts bite though.


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                It would be a HORRIBLE decision for the colts to use a first round pick on a QB!! But I find it funny that some think its such a good idea, as if Peyton is walking on crutches or something.

                How many games has Peyton missed in the last ten years? Any?? He's only 32 and in great condition, in the prime of his QB'ing days and you guys think its a GOOD idea for the Colts to use a first on a QB!!

                Hey.. like a previous poster stated. If a top team wishes to waste a pick in the first round on a QB that will never see the field, I'm all for it!!


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                  Sooner or later the Colts will have to draft a QB with an eye towards the future, but although the Colts are a team with no glaring weaknesses (What better time to use a high draft choice on something you don't need right away?) now is not that time.......Manning has at least 5 to 8 years left in him, and any QB drafted to replace him will already be into his second contract before he ever sees the field.

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                    I can see it now. Peyton Manning goes to the media and says "I can't beleive they looked at another QB, I'm Peyton friggin Manning, how dare they"

                    Then whenever The Head Coach and GM try to get ahold of him, he says "I know they want me to come in and talk, but I'm not doing it right now, I'm just gonna lay low for awhile"

                    Come on Peyton, you're better than that!


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                      Originally posted by expatRick View Post
                      If a contending team wants to use it's top pick on a player who won't see the field then I'm cool with that.
                      good logic