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Our 53 Man Roster, The Draft, And You.

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    I'm with you, Cugel. I think your analysis of need and available talent is sound. It sure isn't sexy to be hoping your team picks a run-plugging 3-4 end with their #12, is it? But then, how sexy was the Clady pick, last year?

    Originally posted by Cugel View Post
    You know, when you think about it, a front starting line of Jackson, Fields, and Marcus Thomas wouldn't be horrible. That gives me some hope for a possibly mediocre performance from the defense this year!
    Oy, what's the world coming to? I'm hoping for dreadfully mediocre, too.

    Originally posted by Cugel View Post
    It's still not remotely an elite DL, but it would certainly be a big step up from Engleberger, a crippled DeWayne Robertson, Thomas and Ekuban from last season!

    But, the offense is certainly going to have to carry this defense again this season -- which is why it's so important for McDaniels to straighten out this mess with Cutler.
    Hopefully we'll strike some gold in one of our scrub OLB, or a later round pick. Who knows? I do know that without some pressure on the QB, we're doomed (and that's not DOOM'd, either).