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Possible Cutler Trades?

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  • i'm pretty certain its the 85th
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    • the first one: 84/85


      • I believe it to be 84. If they have pick 99 in the 3rd round then it is a comp pick and is untradable

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        • Here is the thing and it does makes sense....
          The Bears are very TIGHT with their picks, just like Rooney is with his money.
          The Broncos told the Bears if they wanted the deal to go down they HAD to put in that 1st Round pick for 2010.
          Otherwise, the Bears would've had to give up their 1st, 2nd, one of their 3rd's and a 4th pick THIS YEAR!!!!
          Plus the Broncos said straight up, "We do NOT want the 1st overall pick, in this year's draft".
          But Cutler and a 5th(when we have two this year), I think is almost a great deal.
          I HOPE we trade up and get Orakpo or Curry.
          Wait did I say defense?
          I DID!!!!!!
          We can get a QB in the second round or just WAIT until NEXT YEAR!!!!!
          Tebow, Bradford, McCoy...come on now and with TWO First Round picks next year, we can be at the for front wheeling and dealing.
          So look on the bright side out of all this, atleast we didn't get Clemens or Anderson....


          • Originally posted by 24TheCHAMP24 View Post
            I believe it to be 84. If they have pick 99 in the 3rd round then it is a comp pick and is untradable
            Thank you.


            • I wish we got Adewale Ogunleye instead of the Orthole though!


              • First Post-trade Mock

                Figured I'd do a mock since we now know what we have. I think(and hope) that we'll let either Chris Simms or Kyle Orton play as the starter for this season.

                1a.) BJ Raji, NT Raji reportedly failed a drug test so he should be available here. He fills our biggest need and is a great player. This will greatly improve our defense for years to come.

                1b.) Knowshon Moreno, RB I want him more than ever now, because he'll take a lot of pressure off of Orton. I think he'll be available here too because the Chargers will take Maualuga instead of Moreno. He's a great RB and our offense will still be unstoppable next year.

                2.) Lawrence Sidbury, OLB We need a pass-rush bad, and Sidbury should provide that. Him and Raji will greatly improve our defense.

                3a.) Michael Hamlin, S A solid all-around Safety, Hamlin can play both positions and will be a solid starter in the NFL.

                3b.) Ricky Jean-Francois, DT/DE Will be a 3-4 DE for us, I'm pretty sure this is where he's projected to go. He's kindof a boom-or-bust player, but has potential to be good 3-4 DE.

                4.) Frantz Joseph, ILB Passionate player that has a real love for the game, Joseph will greatly help our special teams and might end up starting down the road.

                5.) Graham Harrell, QB Extremely accurate QB that will be brought in to compete. Harrell won't have much of an impact to start with but will be able to develop.

                6.) Orion Martin, OLB Explosive player that can get in the backfield quickly, Martin is more of an athlete than player, but might end up being a situational pass-rusher.

                7a.) Greg Orton, WR Tall receiver with sure hands, but only has one speed and relies on his route-running to separate.

                7b.) Worrell Williams, ILB Special teams ace and solid backup.

                Let me know what you think, I got tired of looking at the doom & gloom threads so I decided to see what we could do with our draft. Hope you enjoyed it.
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                • 84th

                  84th is what i saw
                  YAAAA!!! YOU TRIED BABY!!!


                  • Oops, I thought I had clicked on the Draft Forum and then New thread. Sorry, could a mod move this please? If not no problem I guess.
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                    • I actually like almost every pick you have here, though the stuff about Raji's drug test concerns me a bit. And if Stafford or Sanchez fall to #12, we HAVE to take them.

                      I'm not sure that Harrell will fall as far as Round 5, but if we don't get a QB in the first, we definitely need to pick Harrell up. He's got huge potential. I'd also kinda like to see us take a flier on Pat White if he falls to Round 4 or 5; you don't really know what you're getting with him right now but he has skills that could make him an absolute weapon if he's used correctly and can refine his game.


                      • thread moved to Draft & trades.
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                        • I dont like the Ricky Jean-Francois pick. He has never started in college so 3rd round is way too high. Theres a chance Fili Moala is there in the 3rd, i would much rather have him. But other than that theres nothing i would argue with:salute!:


                          • I know a lot of people are high on Harrell, but Texas Tech qbs scare me. None have been particularly successful in the NFL, it seems they are more a product of the system than anything else. I'd take a chance on him maybe in the 7th round if he is around, but the 5th would make me concerned. Otherwise I think it would be an excellent draft.


                            • Post Trade Mock Draft

                              1. Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford QB Georgia

                              2. St. Louis Rams- Jason Smith OT- Baylor

                              3. Kansas City Chiefs- Brian Orakpo DE- Texas

                              4. Seattle Seahawks- Eugene Monroe OT- Virginia

                              5. Cleveland Browns- Aaron Curry LB- Wake Forest

                              6. Cincinnati Bengals- Andre Smith OT- Alabama

                              7. Oakland Raiders- Michael Crabtree WR- Texas Tech

                              8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Jerry Macklin WR- Missouri

                              9. Green Bay Packers- Tyson Jackson DE- LSU

                              10. San Fransico 49ers- Everette Brown DE- Florida State

                              11. Buffalo Bills- Aaron Maybin DE- Penn State

                              12. Denver Broncos- B.J. Raji DT- Boston College

                              13. Washington Redskins- Michael Oher OT- Ole Miss

                              14. New Orleans Saints- Vontae Davis CB- Illinois

                              15. Houston Texans- Clay Matthews OLB- USC

                              16. San Diego Chargers- Rey Maualuga ILB- USC

                              17. New York Jets- Marck Sanchez QB- USC

                              18. Denver Broncos- Larry English DE- Northern Illinois

                              19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Josh Freeman QB- Ball State

                              20. Detroit Lions- Eben Britton OT- Arizona

                              21. Philadelphia Eagles- Brandon Pettigrew TE- Oklahoma State

                              22. Minnesota Vikings- Malcom Jenkins- CB/S

                              23. New England Patriot- Clint Smitin ILB- Virginia

                              24. Atlanta Falcons- Peria Jerry DT- Ole Miss

                              25. Miami Dolphins- Darrius Butler CB- Connecticut

                              26. Baltimore Ravens- Percy Harvin WR- Florida

                              27. Indianapolis Colts- Brian Cushing OLB- USC

                              28. Philadelphia Eagles- Chris Wells RB- Ohio State

                              29. New York Giants- Darrius Heyward-Bey WR- Maryland

                              30. Tennessee Titans- Hakeem Nicks WR- UNC

                              31. Arizona Cardinals- Knowshon Moreno RB- Georgia

                              32. Pittsburgh Steelers- Alphonso Smith CB- Wake Forest

                              I know some of you may think im crazy that i made us pass on Sanchez. And reality if he there at 12 I can see us taking him. But with 2 vet qb's in Simms and Orton on the roster I can see us waiting till late rounds. We have been doing the patriot way, and the patriot way has been getting a qb late and having him learn for a 2 or 3 years.

                              I think getting Raji and English are solid picks, and help build up the front 7. But we could also avoid drafting DE/OLB and see how Moss, Dumervil, Reid and Boss play out. And get a DE/OLB in later rounds. In that scenario i could see us taking Clint Smitin at 18 to beef up the interior.

                              In this mock i made i think the Jets, Vikings, and Cardinals get some great value picks.

                              Tell me what you think, and tell me what you would change.

                              Please try to stay away from Cutler based responses, no matter what your opinion of him is, he is gone now so it doesnt matter.
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                              • Nice man Nice

                                I like it a lot I would be extremely happy if we draft 2 D lineman in the 1st round.

                                Things that I think are shaky IMO.

                                Raji Falling
                                Jackson at 9
                                Davis and Malcom falling out of top 12 I think one of them will go in top 12.