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My Guess...Lions pick up Peterson for us...

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    Originally posted by Cutler=Elway View Post
    You live In Michigan...What are they saying on the ticket? Turn it on and listen...

    I'm just saying why would the Lions trade Redding for an undersized...OLB or DE? They are set at OLB they drafted that position the last 2 drafts with Dizon and AVRIL...

    He may Not be a straight NOLAN guy but he did coach him and he is a 3-4 OLB...And thats a fact...
    Maybe they are making room for Raji.


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      Originally posted by Twizlers View Post
      Broncos already said they weren't trading Cutler. I HIGHLY doubt they will back out of their word after what all has gone thru.
      O Yes We Might - Probably Should At This Point


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        Originally posted by RunYouOver View Post
        Peterson, #1, #20 and next year's first rounder for Cutler, and only Cutler.

        That's the deal, and nothing less.

        Anything less than that and I'm pissed. If it is that, well...I'm actually excited.
        I would cream myself if that happened!

        :cutler: = Julian Peterson, Matt Stafford, Knowshon Moreno, Taylor Mays/Eric Berry, and Boo Robinson

        If McD could pull this off I would fly to Denver and personally escort Mr. Cutler out of town myself!


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          Originally posted by stickyicky420 View Post
          That rocket arm has diabetes which will envitably shorten his career my friend has diabetes and trust me its a seesaw battle.
          well, can your friend afford the best doctors that money has to offer? Does your friend make millions a year? Does you friend have someone constantly checking their blood? If no to all or 1, then your friend isn't being treated in the same manner as Cutler.

          But seriously, why would we want Peterson? He's old, overpaid, and won't take a paycut. A better offer would be Calvin Johnson and the 20th overall + 2 2nd rounders for Jay Cutler. That way we can afford to cut our loses with Marshall next year and still have the same type of player on our team. Except less problematic and would have a better chance of success than in DET.

          I'm pretty sure any decent QB would have a field day with Marshall, CJ, Royal and Stokely as their receivers. And with that 20th pick you can get Sanchez or Freeman and they would succeed very well.


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            Originally posted by Botan View Post
            That won't have anything to do with it. I'm sorry. Teams want to win now, and Cutler can help them do that. Multiple first round picks, or we get ripped off.
            He hasn't won in this league yet, explain to me how he will help the Detroit Lions win. My personal opinion is the Lions would be retarded to give up multiple 1st round picks to get Cutler when they can just use the #1 pick on Stafford and build thier defense!

            I'm sorry, but Cutler is not worth #1 and #20, but if the Lions are willing to pay it, we'd take it. I still don't think the #1 pick is involved in an trade we make!