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    Originally posted by Horn80 View Post
    Trade the Titans for Vince Young! Vince Young is a better QB, just in the wrong Offence. He is a winner and will do whatever to prove himself.
    I'm sure that someone else has already flamed you for this pathetic statement.....but VY is terrible, and there is NO WAY I would want him on this team.....sorry but if you really think this, then you have no idea what you are saying. Actually you are most likely basing your opinion on his college career. So NEWSFLASH.......pretty much ALL of the QB's who get drafted into the NFL had promising college careers, and yet many of them fail miserably.....Ryan Leaf for instance....


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      Anybody who wants Vince Young on our team needs to start actually watching football and not playing Madden 2008.

      Supporter of COLORADO sports teams. :


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        You'll find most Vince Young fans are stuck in the Rose Bowl and the Titans 2006 season.


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          Originally posted by Bronco Timcat View Post
          Spoken perfectly. I almost peed when I read this thread.

          Always good to hear.


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            FINALLY!......something we can all agree on...can you feel the love?


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              OP... if you were the GM

              Fisher would be kissing your behind graciously for getting a Mama's boy off his bench and giving him the best QB in the 06 draft.

              Jay Cutler + Titians = Superbowl

              Fisher would definitely love you

              VY sucks, he's a Mike Vick version 2.0 with Mommy needs.

              He's the Anti-Brady and would be benched for Simms after the 3rd snap no way can VY be a pocket passer
              McDaniles Career as a failure of a Head Coach is being fulfilled. Termination of McFailure has happen.

              Rejoice Bronco Fans we have taken our team back, but at a heavy cost.


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                @ Vince. This thread is hilarious. Of course he wants Vince because hes a longhorn.
                What a pathetic thread.

                Heres a Vince young Dedication video I made showing how great he is and how he knows how to win games:


                Some of you have seen it.

                Hey, would you love him in Denver? That boy can play.