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Denvers Offense was Not #2 in 2008

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    Originally posted by Lomax View Post
    Yeah, and several people have systems (Hell, I have one) for calculating who I think is the best and worst... But they're not the standard in the NFL.

    For whatever reason, the NFL collectively has chosen to acknowledge yards gained as the end-all-be-all of an offense. That's stupid. I don't think anyone who has a clue disputes that. It's a fast stat to throw on the arm-chair quarterbacks that don't know what they're doing but like to hear the numbers.

    But it is what it is. This is the formula by which the NFL determines these things. There isn't a good commonly used and widely accepted system other than this.


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      it's overall yrds from scrimmage. thats the only way you can judge how good/bad an offence is. if you factor in scoring you also have to factor in defence, since they dictate when and where we get the ball. It's a lot esier to score when your defence gives you the ball inside the other teams territory 50% of the time. AKA the steelers.