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    does anyone have an idea about who we are looking at with our 12th pick in this years draft?

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    By the way people talk, you'd think BJ Raji was already signed....but its tough to say, we'll end up taking the best defensive player available, unless mr. you know who ends up getting traded, then I think we would be in for a huge draft day shake up.


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      if there is a trade even for the first pick, is there really any QB out there to get excitied about?


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        which QBs are coming out?


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          Originally posted by Broncos Al View Post
          which QBs are coming out?
          Here is a list and ranking of the QB's & of all other positions.


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            Assuming we keep Cutler, I think the most likely players to be taken are:

            Tyson Jackson - DE LSU
            Everette Brown - DE FL State
            BJ Raji - DT Boston Coll.
            Malcolm Jenkins - CB OH State
            Brian Orakpo - DE / OLB Texas
            Rey Maluaga - ILB USC

            It is to hard to predict which ones will be available, and what our new staff is thinking. At any rate I would say there is about an 85% chance it will be one of the above.

            Click on this website to peruse 135 mock drafts... have fun.



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              Originally posted by bd7hawg View Post
              Here is a list and ranking of the QB's & of all other positions.

              im a huge fan of mcgee and think he has a ton of upside but i wouldnt put him ahead of harrell just yet
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                I would say denver will get Brian Cushing. If Bj Raji is not availible


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                  There's no stand-out choice right now.

                  From what I've seen, we'll either be drafting Tyson Jackson or trading back for another DE. Picking a DT(Raji), CB(Jenkins) or LB(Orko/Muglug/Cushy) seem to be long shots and there's almost no chance we take an offensive player.

                  I'm guessing we trade back for a DE.


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                    I would love Orakpo having just seen his Pro-Day workout but seeing as we're moving to a 3-4 i doubt we will take him even if he does fall, we need instant impact and he may need time to adjust. Jackson would be good for us but i read somewhere that he doesn't have the greatest work ethic. I think Cushing's versatility would be worth it at 12. I still would not be surprised if we take Wells or Moreno at 12, just have a feeling that could happen.

                    Unfortunately i bet that Maualuga will end up in SD. Hopefully he'll bust!