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Do we stock up on D in the Draft or do we go for a top QB?

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    Originally posted by BroncsSB#3 View Post
    I'm trying to think forward and stop being pissed about this whole thing coming about and Cutler leaving.

    Do you think we should concentrate on D and just let Orton be the guy or should we try for Sanchez and address the D with the other picks?

    I think we should concentrate on D unless a QB we really want slips to the picks that we already have. We shouldn't trade up.
    I think we stay with D - I believe McD has a great eye for QB talent - If there's no one draftable this year they always have two 1st round picks next year. He might think Orton and/or Simms is the answer. We don't need the "All-World" QB - Just someone who plays within the system. Brady was a 6th rounder and Cassels a 7th