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  • Red zone efficiency?

    I'm new to Broncomania--I'm coming over with Kyle Orton. Looking at your team's stats from last year, something strikes me. You were one of the lower teams in the NFL in scoring efficiency (pts/yds). In fact, Denver was 25th in offensive points per yards, and the Bears anemic offense was, in fact, 5th. I know Kyle Orton was one of the top QBs in Red Zone efficiency, esp. before his injury. Was this a problem for Cutler? (I didn't see the Broncos much last year.)

    It's something to think about with all the rumors of drafting another QB. Passing for 400 yds doesn't mean a thing if you can't get the ball in the end zone.'s earned, not given.


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    If Orton was in fact one of the top in the league he should excell here having

    multiple great weapons in Marshall, Royal, Gaffney, Stokely, and even Hillis. I

    cant honestly say why Culter was so bad in the Redzone but if i can remember i

    think its cuz he tried way to hard to force passes to recievers that were

    covered. He often tried way to hard to get the ball to Marshall when he was in

    double coverage and had a hard time trying to make plays that werent there

    instead off dumping the ball out of bounds he would try to pinpoint it to

    recievers which often led to picks...Not only was it Cutlers fault cause i

    remember a few times the ball bounced of a reciever in to a defenders hands.

    Ok this stories rambled on long enough hope you enjoy


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      this has been typical of shanny's offense the last few years.

      Shanahan's offense was great between the 20's and racked up the yards but more often then not we couldnt finish drives and had to settle for chip shot field goals. Either that or Jay Cutler would throw a pick in the endzone (against SD first and 2nd game, Jets game, Bills game, probably some others) or we would fumble in the redzone. (Scheffler, Cutler, Hillis, Marshall). The closer we got to the TD the more we sucked.

      I really dont know why. Its sad because i think it cost us 2 playoff spots in the last 3 years. We lost games we should of won against both the 49ers in 06 and the bills in 08. Instead of taking 21-0 leads all we could do was 13-0 and settled for 20 yard field goals. This allowed the 49ers and bills to stay in the game.

      All i know is in New England, McDaniels knew how to get his offense on the scoreboard and thats what i hope he can do here with Orton and the rest of our guys.


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        I think it would have to do with the fact that the Bears had Forte and we had a hospital ward. We hardly ever ran the ball from the goal line and ended up turning it over quiet a few times. A good running back makes a huge difference in red zone offense.


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          Red Zone Efficiency is a Worthless Stat

          Here is the Red Zone efficiency stats for 2008.

          I think it is a worthless stat!

          Please, notice that DETROIT was #5 in red zone offense, GB at #6, KC at #10.

          Guess who was at #15, one above Broncos, Pittsburg!

          So the value of that stat is way overblown.


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            Not completely worthless (quite)

            I agree % efficiency isn't that valuable. Detroit rarely GOT into the RZ, and some teams get there so often a low success rate doesn't matter as much.

            However, Denver had 1,600 more yards than Chicago yet scored fewer points. (I know, some of Chicago's points came on defense.) But clearly, you guys had no trouble moving the ball. I was just wondering why you didn't light up the scoreboard more: 2nd in first downs, 2nd in yards, 16th in scoring? You were 19th in throwing interceptions, so I guess that had something to do with it.

            Maybe you'll light it up in the new offense...Out of the spread offense at Purdue, Orton had 31 TDs and 5 ints at Purdue his senior year (a QB rating of 151) and over 3,000 yards passing--and he was injured half the season. I don't think Chicago's run-and-grunt, dish off to the TEs and RBs, was the best fit for him.

            Should be an exciting year.
  's earned, not given.



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              weak run game explains it all to me. can't stretch the field when your at the 5...

              gotta balance that out this year.


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                Originally posted by serfrocker View Post
                weak run game explains it all to me. can't stretch the field when your at the 5...

                gotta balance that out this year.

                Running the ball. We did not have a RB to tun the ball and pound it in inside the 1o yard line. It has nothing to do with Jay or anyone else. We couldnt run it, and everyone knew it.

                Why do you think the bears were so good, or even the crappy lions. They had a RB who can break the tackles or push the pile in the short yard situations.

                The broncos were good at it for a while. When we had pittman, torian, hillis healthy. When those guys were playing we were scoring, why? because were not forced to pass it in the redzone.
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                  Yet Denver was 12th in the league in yards per game, and the Bears were 24th. Denver was 3rd in the league in yards per rush attempt at 4.8, MUCH better than Chicago's "vaunted" running game!

                  Actually, Chicago SUCKED in short yardage. Smith would bring in the "Jumbo offense," pound it ahead 2 or 3 times, then usually pass or kick (or turn it over on downs). At Minnesota, the Bears had 1st and goal at the two, ran it four times, turned it over on downs at the one, and the Vikings promptly threw a 99 yard TD pass that effectively killed the Bears chances at a division crown.

                  The Bears great running game is more hype than reality. Don't get me wrong, Forte is a great back, but he averaged almost a full yard per carry less than Denver's backfield.
        's earned, not given.