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Why are some advocating taking a CB in the 1st?

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  • #16 first reply since I started the thread (I'm currently at chuck e cheese for my daughters b-day party & I need a break from the 5 yr olds screeming).

    If jenkins were in the mold of a sanders, palamaulu or atwater then sure, take him (althoguh I think he'll be gone). But I don't think he is. I don't think there is a game changing playmaker at cb to be had in the first rnd.

    The pats were succesful with drafting cb's late and I would think McD will copy that. Besides, again, we have seen that top notch cb talent does not equal deffensive success. However top dline talent does.

    We do have needs everywhere on defense so we need to prioritize. Cb, I think, is not the #1, #2 or even #3 priority right now.

    I do buy the argument that some of u posted talking about taking the best deff player available...but the cb would have to be far and away superior to everyone else left to justify it. I am tired of us getting run over, and am tired of needing to fix the d line every dang year.