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Drafting a RB in the first round

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    When i saw 2 highlights of moreno i thought the same thing. A reggie bush type player...Then i actually saw an 8 minute clip and a 7 minute clip of all his college plays....HE is nothing like reggie bush or Mcfadden.

    He is an elite cutback runner. Best in the draft. His vision is the most superior i have seen on a RB- that man can see the holes and lanes open up before they are actually there. He balance is awesome and he is really really strong. Of course he has better hands than a WR which is why he is such a duel threat.

    His downsides are that he is not a burner and will constantly get you the5 yards, but not break to many to the house in this league. He also runs way to high for my taste. I think he could really set himself up for an injury if he doesnt follow his pads a little more. He still has the power to bring the pain, and does not shy away from it, but needs to get himself and the ball behind those pads.

    He would be my first choice hands down for a RB, especially for our system.

    He is a slower version, with better hands, of LT. And he is a better cutback, with a little less power than gore, but with better hands and vision. Dont kid yourself there is a reason why this guy has been touted as the best RB in the draft. He just needs the right system. The one that Mcd wants to use, is that system.
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