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The NY Giants might trade up?

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    Originally posted by broncofansd
    There are some very good players in the 2nd Round so trading back a little would be a good move.

    Of course you can use the pic. Got it off google
    Alright thanks.

    Yeah. Lots of great NFL players come out of the second round, so I really josh does trade down for this.
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      Originally posted by broncofansd

      I have mentioned this before but the NY Post says that The Giants have 10 draft picks and only about 5 players would probably make the team. They really need a WR and might not wait until 29th Pick to select the left over WR considering The Jets , Viking , Miami , Philly , and Tennesee are in need of a WR.

      The most logical trade would be Denver trades the 18th pick(900 points) to the NY Giants for it's 1st(640) + 2nd(60th-300points) this would be a slight advantage to Denver but it is the most likely scenario.

      Using Mel Kiper's lastest Mock Draft - Denver's draft could look like this.

      1st Round Pick(12)--------------------Rey Maualuga - ILB - USC Brings the Hard Hitting missing since Al Wilson

      1st Round Pick(29)--------------------Evander Hood - DE - Missouri Very productive player who had over 60 tackles.

      2nd Round Pick(48)--------------------Ron Brace - NT - Boston College Big Nose Tackle to plug the run.

      2nd Round Pick(60)--------------------Lawerence Sidbury - OLB - Richmond My sleeper pick of the draft. I think might be best player we draft.

      3rd Round Pick-------------------------Rashad Jennings Big RB who has great upside.

      3rd Round Pick-------------------------Louis Murphy - WR - Florida Blazing Fast WR

      4th Round Pick--------------------------Dorell Scott - NT/DE - Clemson Big Defensive Lineman.

      5th Round Pick--------------------------Antonio Appleby - ILB - Virginia Excellent ILB.

      6th Round Pick--------------------------Henry Melton - OLB - Texas Another Hybrid DE/OLB

      7th Round Pick---------------------------Rudy Carpenter - QB - ASU

      7th Round Pick---------------------------Greg Carr - WR - FSU

      I do think that Denver would be a very logical choice for The Giants to trade with. Denver could add a player like Lawerence Sidbury just for trading down from 18-29.

      Side note - I do apologize for all the mock drafts. For the past couple of months I have been taking care of my mother(who has pancreatic cancer) and have had alot of down time. By doing all these posts it takes my mind away from the every day!!! Sorry!!!
      I absolutely LUV this mock. It has pretty much everything.

      Rey at MLB and BAD MOFO.
      Ziggy Hood competing at DE
      Brace rotating at NT
      Sidbury at rush LB.

      I like this better than Raji and Rey.
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