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Clay Matthews the 18th pick in the Draft???

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    Originally posted by jlynch4756624
    yeah but it doesnt matter about size, as long as hes productive.
    Well, it does matter because he would be called to take on OT's in a 3-4 on a regular basis.
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      Originally posted by jlynch4756624
      yeah but it doesnt matter about size, as long as hes productive.

      I agree 100%. We just have to determine what productive means. The year he had at USC does not cut it for me. He was not a good pass rusher and I think this is what we need. If he could be productive against the run and rush the passer I would be more than happy. I just don't see it. This is why I prefer Sidbury or English in Denver. They both have big time pass rushing skills.....

      IMO Matthews does not bring us anything at the OLB position that we wouldn't get from DJ. Instead of drafting Matthews I would prefer that we move DJ to the outside and then draft Rey at 18 or Jasper Brinkley in the third to play the ILB position. They would do a better job of taking on tacklers in the middle than DJ does. Just my opinion....

      My preference is a pass rushing machine not an all around guy for our OLB. If we are going all around guy use DJ and don't waste the draft pick.


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        Everyone thinks it is easy for DE's to become OLB. It is NOT.

        Look at

        K. Wimbley Cleveland = Disappointment
        Vernon Gholston = Major Disappointment for a top 6 pick. He has time though. 1 year isn't enough.

        If you look at Pittsburgh's LB's

        James Farrior 6'2" 243lbs Was a LB at Virginia
        Larry Foote 6'1" 239lbs Was a LB at Michigan
        James Harrison 6'0" 242lbs Was a LB at Kent St.
        LaMaar Woodley 6'2" 265lbs Played DE and LB at Michigan.
        Lawerence Timmons Was a LB at Florida St.


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          thats all im saying:go:
          Sean Taylor 21 R.I.P
          Darrent Williams 27 R.I.P
          Damien Nash 29 R.I.P
          John Elway 7
          Jake Plummer 16
          Ian Gold 52
          Al Wilson 56
          D.j Williams 55
          Rod Smith 80
          Shannon Sharpe 84
          Steve Atwater 27
          Terrell Davis 30
          Ed Macaffrey 87
          Champ Bailey 24
          John Lynch 47
          Brandon Marshall 15
          Jay Cutler 6
          Peyton Hillis 22
          Tony Scheffler 88
          Tom Nalen 66
          Mike Anderson 38
          Brandon Stokely 14


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            Originally posted by Roddoliver
            Clay Matthews is not a sack artist, he will have to improve his pass rush in the NFL. But he has huge upside, he is extremely fast and agile. He might become a great coverage guy. He won't look lost in coverage like most DEs that become OLBs. His versatility is appealing, he can play OLB in any scheme. Unfortunately he was a late bloomer at USC but his future looks bright.
            Yeah i agree with this, Let him line up with the TE's and RB's and have doom rush the passer. Clay can pass rush to, he just has to get a little better, If wee can get a NT and DE as well im all for getting clay.