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    QUOTE=Goatmaster;2712262]moreno runs hard, much harder than reggie bush, but he wont be a power back by any means. fortunatly, he can move well enough to make people miss, has great hands, and that is the type of running back we need in our offense.[/QUOTE]

    As far as Power Back - Terrell Davis wasn't a power back!!! All the man did is run very , very hard. I believe that Knowshon Moreno does also. I have met T.D. numerous times at the BMW Store I use to work at.


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      Originally posted by berlownacyo7s
      I'm just shocked this thread didn't say Clay Matthews. broncofansd has phases though. First it was Connor Barwin, then Matthews, now Moreno? Come on dude, consistency!
      Don't forget the Laurinitis buzz too!
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