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    Originally posted by BoltNut View Post
    If Maualuga is available at #12, don't you think the front office would grab him? I understand that the D-line is a concern, but the Bolts also need D-line help and I would hope if this guy is available, they would jump on him. Just my thought. You all know what is needed more than I do, but a player like him that could make an immediate impact would be awfully tempting.
    I think maualuga is a possibility, he isn't my favorite, but Nolan Loves his big middle LB's


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      Some of the mocks have him going in round 1. This guy's a beast.

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      Originally posted by BoltNut View Post
      This guy is definitely disruptive. Watching the clips, he seems to always be around the ball. He's persistent. From what I've read, most teams are looking at him to add depth to their bench. With his size and tenacity he could end up more than just a back up.


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        It would be wise to go ILB,DE,NT,S in that order based on value and ability. (In a "likely to be there" scenario)

        Yes, we absolutely should have addressed NT as our main priority in FA.

        But we didn't.

        So, IMO, if your looking at "best player at a position of need", this is what I see.

        I think we may have to parlay and move up to get a safety.

        Next year, I'm sure McD will wake up, till then......


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          Originally posted by broncolee View Post
          McDaniels has already indicated that they will draft the best player available at a position of need. That is a wise way to go.

          The Broncos have addressed each level of defense in FA. They picked up two potential nose tackles, a DE/OLB hybrid, a potential ILB, two safeties, and a cornerback. They've even addressed the hybrid DE/DT position by re-signing Peterson.

          We almost have to assume that they aren't completely comfortable with Fields or Parker at the nose tackle position. They might not be comfortable with the ILB position. It would stand to reason that they wouldn't be comfortable with the OLB position since they don't have anyone that fits the prototype that has experience in the 3-4 defense. Their best coverage linebacker is thought to be injury prone and weighs in the 230 lbs. range. They don't have any DEs that have experience in the 3-4 defense and there is only one DE in the draft that is described as an elite prospect as a 3-4 DE.

          Joe Collier once said that you build a 3-4 defense up the middle. If the Broncos concur, I could see their priorities in the draft as NT, ILB, DE, OLB, WR, RB, QB, S, CB, OL, TE, and K/P. I didn't put safety in after ILB because they picked up two veterans in FA and still have Fox and Barrett. I think safety can wait until next year when they will have two first round picks and a shot a Taylor Mays.
          Taylor Mays OR Eric Berry would either one be a nice addition to our defense. I think I prefer Berry simply because he is the more versatile of the two imo.

          My biggest concern about that scenario though? Is our QB position. Simply because either Orton, Simms, or a middle round draft pick from this year will have to carry the load at an acceptable level or we will be drafting a QB in the top rounds next year. If one of them CAN become our starting QB for the next few years? Then we won't have been impacted as badly by all of this previous situation.