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If Raji & Jackson are gone at #12 where do we go?

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    Originally posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor View Post
    I have not had the chance to see him much, other than youtube videos. He looks to me like he would be better suited in a 4-3. He does have good pass rush abilities, but do you think he is big enought to play DE in a 3-4?
    He would be a Jarivs Moss in a 4-3. He would come in on 3rd down and rush the passer. In a 3-4 he would be used as one of the OLB. Even tho he has no exprience standing I think he is capable of doing it. Having him in the 3-4 OLB role would give him the best chance to succed in the NFL because you can move him around on blitzes just like FSU did to create mismatches.