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    Originally posted by broncobuss View Post
    take off the orange colored glasses.. i mean wow buckhalter? the guy gets hurt every other game. he has talent. but the guy has proven that he wont make it past 2 or 3 games, you cant rely on that. if he does better this year and stays healthy fine but dont tell me hes good. and "buckhalter would be a starter on any team that didnt have a featured back"????? are you kiding me? that means hes not a fetured type back!! the dt you talk about did not start for there teams. reid was a special teams player only. Gaffney ? come on. I think chad jackson will do the job this year for the 3rd or 4th spot. remember we still got stokley. as for hill. avarage at best, nothing to get to excited about. but he is better than what we had. and same for goodman, good journeyman type player who can do the job if we get pressure on the QB
    I think like the guy who put the list together, these guys might help in the depth but its not a "A" grade offseason. the fact that they got rid of cutler alone makes this offseason a failer
    Thank you,I can't take the credit for putting it together though I searched for it on the net. I don't think the Cutler trade was bad I love it but I can see where some are concerned heck I might come season time if we are losing but for now I wait optomistically hopefully we get a very good draft and get at least 2-3 defensive starters and maybe 1 future offensive starter
    "Just waiting for the draft"

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