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    Gonzalez actually said on ESPN that he's looking forward making a superbowl run with the Falcons for the next 3-4 years
    Originally posted by darth-hideous
    Champ losing a step, just means the rest of the NFL is now only two steps behind.
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      Originally posted by Joshecalpoly View Post
      Well no-offense but that was kinda his only stipulation he was tired of being on a losing team and wanted to go to a team that had a shot in the playoffs.
      It wasn't that he was on a losing team, it was that he didn't feel he had enough
      time left to go through another rebuilding stage. Thats why he backed off trade
      requests two years ago because he felt Herm Edwards was still trying to win then
      and not in the future. Now with a new GM and HC, we are clearly (and rightfully so)
      in a rebuilding stage, and he doesn't want to chill for his final years.
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