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Bill Williamsons Bronco Mock......VERY GOOD IMO

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    Originally posted by colinski View Post
    What if Moreno is gone? I understand your preference and agree with the sentiment but it's hard to draft someone who's already been taken by another team. The question -- IMO -- is whether Wells would be the BPA at that point. I'm not sure, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility even though he's received very little attention lately since the focus has been almost completely on Moreno. Physically speaking, he's an extremely impressive package, although Moreno is a perfect fit for us so I'd prefer him.
    If Moreno is gone, then we take BPA which I don't think Wells would be. Quite honestly there should be enough defensive talent at 18 still there worth the pick.

    I'd love Darius Butler, Everette Brown, Clay Matthews, or Ayers at 18. Surely one of those 4 has to make it there. If none are, I'd love us to trade back and consider Donald Brown, or Louis Delmas. I just don't feel wells would be giving us anything we don't already have. He isn't very versatile, and we already have big backs that can get the short yardage in Hillis, Torain and LaMont Jordan.

    I'll keep an open mind to pretty much any player like Wells that doesn't have character concerns, but I'd be disappointed if we selected him with a top 20 pick.

    Like I said, Moreno's ability as a receiver is what makes me love him in this system so much, and Wells doesn't really bring that. Wells at 18 just doesn't feel like he'd be the BPA for OUR system.


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      No Running Back in the first round! our defense is the problem, that needs to be addressed first.


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        No to any RB in the first 3 rounds, no no no no no.

        We have so much money tied up into RB's already, give our guys a chance this season.
        Being a Bronco fan is more important than being a fan of any coach or player in particular.


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          I agree with the 2 posters above me we do not need a RB in the first 3 rounds, AT ALL!

          And its obvoius our FO agrees since this was on of the few positions we hit up big time in FA.

          I know KM is a beast, hell I love his skill set. But we have next year to address RB or even QB. This year we need to build this Defense into something special, and with all these picks we have a chance to do just that.


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            Did you see our D last year?

            Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
            Whats wrong with it? I think it adresses every position nicely.
            We have no business thinking Offense early in this draft, We will not have a better opportunity then right now to up grade our horrific defense. First and foremost we need NT and DE, that's were we need to address our needs. We can get great O players later in this draft. There will be plenty of talent to choose from.:salute!:


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              Originally posted by red 19 View Post
              Getting a top tier dlineman, arguably the second best RB, arguably the second best NT, a tough hard nosed end in Kruger, a safety, a project qb, and some depth is somehow not a good draft?

              The first four picks would have a great shot at earning starting jobs IMO. Remember our dline problems have not been addresed as of yet. Kruger is a tough SOB who never gets overmatched. He would be a great addition to this team. He will not be passed over by Pittsburgh or Baltimore more than twice- he is the type of player that brings toughness and attitude to a defense.
              I would love this draft, although I too would prefer Moreno over Wells.
              I agree grab Kruger I live in Utah and have watched him play . I would love to see him in a Broncos uniform , and I would prefer Moreno over Wells . To add a wrinkle I would go Sean Smith in the mix.


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                i think it would be a waste to get chris wells in the first round...we just got what 4 free agent rb in the off season + torrain + hillis...we really dont need ANOTHER rb (least not forst round)


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                  Originally posted by Hawkman View Post
                  I agree grab Kruger I live in Utah and have watched him play . I would love to see him in a Broncos uniform , and I would prefer Moreno over Wells . To add a wrinkle I would go Sean Smith in the mix.
                  Smith and Kruger would be great additions to this team. If we get a NT with one of our 1sts-then I am hoping for these two guys with our 2nd and 3rd rounders. I love the attitude and playmaking ability of Kruger, and Smith has good size and speed and could play either side of the field as well as the middle. I would be very happy if we land either one of them but Im hoping for both.
                  Side note......I also am hoping we can snag BYUs Collie in the later rounds as a replacement for Stokely in a year.


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                    We do not need 2 DE's we need a OLB badly!