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Julius Pepper wants out of Carolina

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    so lemme get this straight a guy who is a "me" first kind of guy wants to get paid top dollar for a position hes never played?


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      Peppers would cost two first round draft picks this year. There will be a high price paid for him next year, but it wouldn't be nearly as bad.

      He may actually be better in a 3-4, because of his speed and athleticism. The Panthers often have him drop back in pass coverage.

      However, his stats come during garbage time, much like A-Rod, and he is invisible for entire games. There is a common misconception that this is because he is always double teamed. This is false, analysts that break him down on film say he is rarely double teamed.


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        [QUOTE=deepcover1;2742071]They couldnt pay him in Denver this year[/QUOTE ] What exactly is our situation in terms of cap space right now? What's Peppers likely to want?


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          Pepper would not come here. He has listed the teams he wants to be traded too and Denver isnt on the list. He wants to play for a contender and like many across the country, he doesnt feel Denver is a contender.

          denver isnt going to pay his high salary or give the high picks Carolina would want in a trade for a guy that doesnt want to play here.

          Its too bad, because he would instantly improve our defense.