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So what teams are interested in Marshall?

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  • Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
    Not happening. I like our linebackers. I would rather trade for harris if we do trade bmarsh at all.
    i would rather draft a good inside linebacker next year.

    brandon spikes or renaldo mcclain.
    Now go get your shine box


    • Originally posted by jc13 View Post
      i would rather draft a good inside linebacker next year.

      brandon spikes or renaldo mcclain.
      yes to spikes


      • Sigh

        Originally posted by lancane View Post
        The system is not all that hard, particularly not for those who have played in a spread or a spread option system; which by the way is the most common offense at the collegiate and high school levels. There is a little bit of a learning curve granted, but the fandom is more split over the loss of Cutler and having no franchise quarterback then anything else. Think about it? Fans are trying to shoo Marshall out the door, but the loss at both positions would be dentrimental to the organization...Orton and Simms are not franchise quarterbacks, the addition of one would have helped the sting for many fans.
        Same old stuff from the same old Scrooge

        Keep living in the past and enjoying your 8-8 team with your "franchise" QB and "franchise" receiver.

        I will move on with a team of players who give it all for their teammates and work together as a team.

        I have played on many teams who had no big name, "franchise" or "feared" players and can truly say that my teams beat them 9 out of 10 times. Matter of fact I played on a team that rid itself of the best player and watched as his buddies walked off also. We had one decent year and then two years of beating the guy and his buddies for the League title. I will tell you that they could not deal with losing to us, cried to the refs unceasingly and we just soaked it in and played as a team, and won.

        So go McD, Nolan and :go:
        "Those are my principals... if you don't like them, well, I have others" - Groucho Marx

        "Having a Hell of a time my dear, wish you were here" - Alice Cooper


        • Originally posted by Broncos-R-Great View Post

          Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Urlacher
          haha, that reminds me of his commercial

          "Behold the sword of Urlacher!"

          "That was me before Swagger..."


          • I wouldn't trade Brandon Lloyd for Brian Urlacher!

            His time was up about 2 years ago, and now he's part of that overrated horrible Chicago D!


            • B-MARSH is not getting traded to the jets....source!

              Putting a wrap on a looong weekend

              A few final dribs and drabs:

              * RB Danny Woodhead isn't a goner just yet. I have a feeling he'll turn up on the Jets' practice squad before long.

              * The Jets worked out former Titans LB Ryan Fowler today, according to

              * Steve Weatherford, the new punter, hasn't been cut yet. But give it time; he's been on the team only a few hours.

              * As for that cryptic tweet from Kerry Rhodes, who promises a big announcement tomorrow from the Jets, I don't think it's the bombshell that many fans are expecting. I asked Rhodes about it, and this is what he texted me: "No, it's not a player acquisition at all. People ran with that one quick."

              It's also not a new deal for RB Leon Washington. Did some checking on that, too, and the two sides aren't engaged in serious talks.

              * The Jets practice tomorrow, beginning prep for the Texans.
              The big announcement is thought to be a new stadium for jets fans in a sponsership with jet blue.


              • Originally posted by McNasty89 View Post
                dawkins,champ,dj,and urlacher together...i feel bad for the other team. lol...
                but i dont think id want to bring the offense down just to make the defense better...i think well do well if BMarsh gets his act together.
                exactly someone dat makes sense:salute!:


                • Maybe the big announcement is that Kerry Rhodes is getting his mouth wired shut and his internet turned off...god knows that'd be great news to me.:go:
                  Fire Rick Dennison - This Signature will stay until the worst playcaller in the NFL is gone.


                  • Originally posted by Markymarkuss777 View Post
                    I've got to agree. Boldin is looking to be the premiere WR on any team, and not be in the shadow of Fitzgerald. I think he'd be perfect for our system, and would probably put up the same type of numbers as Marshall would. Pay him the dollars he wants, and get him into training camp ASAP!
                    It won't make sense for AZ. Boldin wants a bigger contract but still keeps his composure and practices with the team. No off the field issues. Not a locker room distraction. Why would AZ want the headache that is Marshall?

                    If the Jets trade were really to happen. I'd probably do it for a 1st round pick and Cotchery. He's not as talented as Marshall but is talented nonetheless. He is dependable and works hard. Good attitude and is their #1 receiver. A #1 for a 1st and another #1.