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Jets Trade for QB O'Connell from DET (Could it mean...?)

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  • Jets Trade for QB O'Connell from DET (Could it mean...?)

    Do we even want to go there? Did Mcd infer to NY that IF they were able to get this former Patriot, and add him to X,Y,Z.... then we might talk Marshall deal?


    Jets acquired QB Kevin O'Connell from the Lions in exchange for undisclosed compensation.

    Detroit did a nice job of getting something for nothing here; GM Martin Mayhew is using his No. 1 waiver priority wisely. From the Jets' perspective, the move may signal the end of the Kellen Clemens experiment. Erik Ainge was more productive in preseason games. O'Connell will likely be third string.

    Source: Jason La Canfora on Twitter

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    Nice - I saw the news but never went the extra step in the thought process.

    Not sure that Harris and O'Connell would be sufficient - perhaps if they threw in a 4th I'd be happy to ship goofball to NY.
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      Hopefully this doesn't mean anything!

      While I don't think that we will trade BMarsh I found this kind of interesting. The Jets traded for QB O'Connell from the Lions! The Jets have Sanchez, Clemmens, and Ainge already so I'm confused about this move. Hopefully it isn't a bargaining chip for them to use in the Marshall deal. Probably has nothing to do with us and BMarsh just thought it was a little strange the Jets made this move! Thoughts?


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        I said when Detroit took him they were looking to get something with him. I will repeat the problem with a two player trade for BM is who is the other player you get rid of at this point in time. Anytime we get some one at this stage of the game we have to let some one go unless it is because of an injury.


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          We are not going to carry 4 QB's. It is as simple as that. Which QB are you going to let go? Your choices would be Orton, Simms, or Brandsteter.


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            Typical Jets move. Bring in an ex-patriot to maybe help them with game planning. I bet he gets let go soon. It doesn't matter that Mangina isn't there anymore, I still see Jets brass doing these moves.


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              I doubt it, it'd be easier to organise a three way trade.

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                Man i really hope JMac only wanted him for preseason filler while Kyle and Chris recovered...

                He definetly isn't worth trading for even if Harris is included...

                Our 3 Qb's will do just fine.. enough with the NE rejects..


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                  Originally posted by IbarHarry View Post
                  We are not going to carry 4 QB's. It is as simple as that. Which QB are you going to let go? Your choices would be Orton, Simms, or Brandsteter.
                  I could see Simms being let go. Injured most of the preseason and didn't get the reps that McD would feel comfortable with. However i do not see this as a prelode to a Marshall trade.

                  If McD really wanted O'Connell I am sure he would have traded for him from the Lions instead of forming a deal with the Jets.


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                    I would trade Brandon Marshall for a 3rd round pick and David Harris.
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                      I think our QB situation is set for this season
                      The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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                        I think it's a huge stretch to suggest that this has anything to do with trading for Marshall.

                        It's probably about getting rid of Clemens. If Ainge was more productive and earned the back up spot behind Sanchez, they need to get rid of Clemens and bring in someone else to be the third stringer. There isn't much sense in keeping Clemens around to be the third guy unless you're certain he isn't going to be disgruntled about it.
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                          Only McDaniels knows.

                          He is in the position to have an understanding of:
                          • -what Brandon Marshall's status really is in terms of attitude and willingness/ability to play in his system;

                            -Kevin O'Connell's talent and potential;

                            -what the Jets would give for Marshall;

                            -how he rates Orton, Simms and Brandstater in comparison to how he regards O'Connell;

                            -whether he would consider 4 QBs or if he could get Brandstater or O'Connell on PS (very unlikely).
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                            This was done to get the Patriots play calls.

                            I bet they release him quick smart after they get what they need. They have a new head coach now who would do anything to get one over a divisional rival.


                            GO BRONCOS


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                              Jets make a trade with Lions for QB O'Connell

                              Does anyone feel this is to sweeten the deal for Marshall?

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