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2007 Draft Class - Defensive Linemen - Bunch Of Bust

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  • 2007 Draft Class - Defensive Linemen - Bunch Of Bust

    This from article on espn " Bears view Gains Adams as necessary risk"

    For franchises that invested in defensive linemen that year, at any level of the draft, it was pretty much a year to forget. The trade of Adams, who had earned nearly $20 million in his two-plus seasons in Tampa Bay, further magnified the lack of quality at the position in the 2007 lottery.

    There were 44 defensive linemen (25 ends and 19 tackles) chosen in that draft. None of them has earned a Pro Bowl trip. Only one has ranked among the NFL's top 10 sackers in a season. Compared to the futility of some and the dearth of promise in others, it's easy to see why Angelo was so tempted by Adams' potential.

    The first round of the '07 draft alone was chock full of players who are considered disappointments nearly three seasons after the fact. Adams has been dealt. Atlanta defensive end Jamaal Anderson, the eighth overall selection with only two career sacks, was moved to tackle last week in an effort to salvage his career. Denver's Jarvis Moss, the 17th pick, barely kept his job this summer. Dallas' Anthony Spencer, who replaced the departed Greg Ellis this year at left outside linebacker, has yet to notch his first sack. Tackles Adam Carriker (St. Louis) and Justin Harrell (Green Bay) both are on injured reserve.

    And the list of 2007 flops goes well beyond the first round.

    On Monday, Kansas City traded third-rounder Tank Tyler to Carolina for a fifth-round draft pick. A few weeks ago, the Chiefs waived fellow 2007 defensive lineman Turk McBride, a second-round selection.

    Of the 44 defensive linemen from the 2007 draft, the group has produced just eight current starters in the league. Nine members of that suspect class are out of the NFL entirely, 13 are with new teams, six are at new positions, four are on injured reserve and 32 of them have started fewer than 20 games.

    As disappointing as Adams' play has been, he actually has had a decent two-plus seasons, compared to other defensive linemen from 2007.

    Only one member of that class, LaMarr Woodley of Pittsburgh (with 17½ sacks), has more sacks than Adams (13½). And Woodley, a defensive end in college, was chosen by the Steelers to play as a rush linebacker in their 3-4 front. Just two 2007 linemen, Woodley (11½ sacks in 2008) and Jacob Ford of Tennessee (seven sacks last season), have more sacks in a season than the 6½ Adams garnered as a rookie. Nineteen of the 44 linemen drafted in 2007 are still waiting for their first NFL sack. Two dozen of them have three sacks or fewer.

    Broncos Selected Jarvis Moss and Tim Crowder, Moss haven't shown anything , Crowder was cut now with Tampa Bay Buccaneers .

    Trade Moss for Jamal Anderson , maybe change of scenery could work .
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    Crowder obviously isn't doing a whole lot in TB either as they are 0-6 and look absolutely pitiful doing it.


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      Was that the draft with Dorsey and Ellis?


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        Originally posted by licence_to_kill View Post
        Was that the draft with Dorsey and Ellis?
        No, that was '08.

        '07 was when we took Moss and Crowder


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          So to put it bluntly Shanny had another bust draft year minus Ryan Harris. Bleh.


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            The 2007 Draft Class of the Defensive Linemen is almost full of bust players..

            What a crappy Draft Class.