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    Originally posted by broncofansd
    I think Kuper is still a great player at Guard. He has played very well this year dispite a injury.

    He will not go anywhere. He is such a better player than Hochstein , Hamilton , Olsen.

    I think drafting a Great Center or Guard is vital for Denver this draft.
    Olsen is a rookie. i'll give it to you. right now Kuper is better. But until Olsen is given a chance we dont know what we have.

    If olsen who is a rookie does not recieve play time what makes you think some rookie this upcoming year is going to start. much less beat someone out for a spot? Most of the interior lineman i see coming out this year arent that great. All of them have weaknesses that will most likely take a season or two to season them up.
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      Originally posted by CTM
      Alright, so I know I did a mock recently but I didnt do it with any FA signings.

      So here's a new one, this time no trades.

      Marshall- 6 years 55 mil.
      Orton- 3 years 27 mil
      Dumervil- 5 years 48 mil
      Kuper- 4 years 18 mil.


      Johnny Jolly NT- We need a guy to plug the middle, a better space eater than Fields, who is a solid rotational guy but nothing more.

      Richard Marshall CB- Our corner situation could get very bad very quickly if we let it stay the way it is. Champ and Goodman will only get slower, Smith hasnt shown he's developed enough, we're one injury away from a crisis mode in the secondary. Marshall should be one of the most sought after corners on the market given his age and play this season.

      Eugene Amano OG- He's been part of an O-line that will have a shot to give Chris Johnson 2000 yards next week. We need better run blockers up front and Amano should fit the bill.

      Sam Koch P- I believe he will be a FA, and trust me if he is, we want this guy. Berger has been inconsistent at best. Koch is quietely one of the better punters in the game. I've watched Raven's games and he has one of the strongest legs I've ever seen from a punter. He also has crazy good control of the ball inside the ten yard line.

      I would hope these free agents fill up some of the more pressing needs that we wont be able to fill in the draft.


      8th pick- Rolando McClain ILB- Yes, He doesnt fit a big need right now with Davis playing so well, but Davis is over 30 and if we can pair McClain up with DJ we instantly have one of the best ILB tandems in the league. I think at this point McClain or Haden would be BPA, and if we sign Marshall, McClain is clearly the right choice.

      2. Maurkice Pouncey C- I havent seen many reports on him but I believe he won the Rimington trophy, awarded to the nations top center. My guess is he'll be available in the early to mid 2nd. If he slides a bit we can nab him with our original pick, but we might have to trad up to get him, which I'd be for given our need.

      3. Tyson Aluala DE- He plays the 3-4 end spot at Cal so he def has the experience of the position. Also has the production to go with it. 7.5 sacks and 10 TFL. Shows he can penetrate which is what our line needs.

      4. Eric Decker WR- He's got great size, great hands, can run after the catch, but has average timed speed. Remind you of another receiver we drafted in the 4th round a few years ago? Decker had his season cut short with a knee injury, he should fall to us here in the 4th with those concerns. If he can come back to full strength we have another weapon for our offense.

      6. Chris Marinelli OT- Good size at 6'7 310, he's from Stanford and was part of the line that helped Gerhart become a serious Heisman contender. We have little depth at OT aside from Polumbus.

      *Wrap up*
      If these moves fall for us, we will have a greatly improved interior line. This should definitely help us build on what we started this season. I would like to see Orton back and see if he can lead us, no matter how this season finishes. With an improved line and another weapon he might look even better next year. I dont think we go QB in this draft simply because we have a QB in Orton and someone to develop with Brandstater. No need to add another one. This draft also addresses the whole defense except OLB, and S, which I feel good about, so long as we resign Doom, because of the young depth we have at both positions as well. Jolly should give us an upgrade at NT. Aluala Will give us another guy to rotate in at DE. This is the one position which I didnt put as much effort in as I think we will need. We still lack a dominant and disruptive force on the line. I really liked Allen Bailey as a DE, but he's going back for another year. But realistically you wont be able to fill every need and DE might have to be put on the back burner unless Aluala becomes great.

      I still like this offseason because it strengthens our trenches on both sides alot. This game is won and lost in the trenches, and the consistently really good teams, Colts, Pats, Eagles, Steelers, Giants, all have very good OL and DL.
      So, updated thoughts on this?

      If we have to trade Marshall and pick up a receiver, one guy I'm looking at is Danario Alexander. He had 1600 plus yards with over 100 catches to go with a 6'4 215 frame. Definitely can win some jump balls, He'd be a nice option in the second if we dont want to go WR in the first.

      I'd hate to have to trade Marshall but if it comes to that, Alexander might be a nice option to turn to.

      Other than that, I'd stick with this draft and FA moves, only swapping our Pouncey to our first pick that we get with Marshall to ensure we get him, most likely the Ravens around 20 or so, and then take Alexander with our second.

      If we get a 3rd rounder as well for Marshall then we can deal that for a second rounder the following year.

      And yes I'd stick with Decker in the 4th just because of the matchup problems he would create with his size, being that we run a lot of 3 and 4 receiver sets.
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