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    [QUOTE=Broncosinindy;3109628]Ok a couple things here. 1. if we had 2 first round picks i would rather have two blue chip prospects then one. 2. Suh is going to be a stud... However wasteing a pick on him to play 3-4 DE is not a wise decision IMO. What a waste of talent if he was to be stuck at DE. He'd be good but..[/QUOTE]

    SUH would be good at any position on the D-LINE...From 0-5 Tech.
    Hand in the dirt, both hands in the dirt...Standing up, sitting down, on his back...You get the point.

    I still think LB McCLAIN, will be our #1, Davis Faded...Did you see some of those arm tackles...He was outta position, and GASED. I know he did really well this past year, but IMO there is a reason the Brownies let him go...

    DJ covered alot of his weakness, if he was as good as we all think, with his stats he would have been considered for the PROBOWL...He's not, and he was not...

    Marlin Jackson of the Colts is a FA...Seymour is a FA, and so is Mawae...Add a WR Plenty to choose from, with addition of our draft, sign Kuper, Doom, Orton, and Champ...

    Trade Marshell, Hillis, and Sheff...And heres what you get 1-3 for Marsh, A 5th for Sheff, and a 6th for Hillis...

    Now here me out...

    You take McClain with #11, with your secound #1 You take Lupati...Trade your 3rd from the Marshell trade and Your 5th and 6th in both the Hillis and Sheff trades...For a 2nd...

    So now you have 2 #2's...With the first you take Arthur Jones...295 pound poor mans SUH...With the other #2 You take any 3 left Jon Asamoah Illions G/Mike Johnson Alabama G/Or Pouncey C Florida...All 3 are over 300 pounds and all 3 would compete for a starting job....With our 3rd RND You draft Briscoe WR Kansas...

    So you just added 2 O-line in the draft 1 Center FA
    2 D-line one is a probowler, other Via draft...
    Two WR one via FA, one Draft...

    There you go... With Our front seven on "D" adding Seymour, Arthur Jones, McClain. Back end you add Marlin Jackson... Draft a late RD SS or CB...

    Front seven on "O" we added 2 guards, 1 center FA, We added 1 WR FA 1, Draft...

    What you lost Marshell, Hillis, Sheff...
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      Jimmy Clausen

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          I would love to see mclain on this team, Defense starts with your LB core and it would be young and solid with him, I would also like to see sam bradford, if he messes his combine he might drop to the second where we could grab him


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            Originally posted by DiegoBRONCOFAN View Post
            Please people...go back and watch the pre-season & first few regular season games (before his injury) and tell me the guy was not playing at a high level! Same goes for McBath...
            In my dictionary, "high level" means something considerably higher than what Smith and McBath did. I'm not knocking them. I think they'll eventually be good players. The question is not, Are they bad?, but rather, Did we need to pay so dearly for them? I think we could have gotten them or players equally good without giving up 2 second-round picks and a first-round pick.


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              I like Phanso but two 1st RD's this year sounds good right about now lol. . .
              MILE HIGH TIL I DIE!!!


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                Anyone who thinks that Iupati will be there at the 13th pick of the 2nd round really needs to start reworking thier draft board.