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Updated Mock Draft - with a Mug's input

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  • Updated Mock Draft - with a Mug's input

    I had originally had Denver drafting Golden Tate in the 2nd Round and Micah Johnson in the 3rd but after listening to some input from MUG and some research it doesn't look like Tate will be there in the 2nd. So here is revised Mock Draft

    Denver Broncos have 2 BIG PROBLEMS.

    1. Denver Broncos can't Stop the run.

    2. Denver Broncos can't Run the ball.

    Team needs going into the 2010 NFL DRAFT - DE , G , C , WR


    1. Chris Kuper is resigned to a 5 year $20million deal.
    2. Kyle Orton is tender a 1 year deal worth $3 million
    3. Elvis Dumervil is resigned to a 5 year deal worth $40 million
    4. Vonnie Holiday is resigned to a 2 year $5 million contract.

    Notable Players cut or not asked back

    1. Ben Hamilton - gone after a very poor season
    2. Jarvis Moss - great pick Shanny - this one cost you your job
    3. Mitch Berger - I wish we kept Brett Kern


    1. Brandon Marshall is Franchised and traded to a Tampa Bay for their 2 - 2nd Round Picks Tampa Bay drafted Josh Freeman last year and have spoiled on Antonio Bryant. McDaniels and Bowlen do not want to trade him to a AFC team and would rather get 2 - 2nd Round Picks.

    Rotoworld quote on Bryant"According to's Pat Yasinskas, impending free agent Antonio Bryant has "played -- and talked -- his way out of a future with the Bucs.This is no surprise. Bryant has been a major knucklehead since he came into the league, and he hasn't stopped complaining all season. There's no way the Bucs will franchise him again. Instead, they'll look to bring in two new starters at wide receiver through free agency and/or the draft"

    2. Tony Scheffler is tendered a 2nd Round pick but is traded to Cleveland for a 3rd Round Pick - New GM Holgren loves Pass Catching TE's.

    3. Peyton Hillis is traded to Washington for a 7th Round Pick.

    2010 NFL DRAFT

    ***Trade*** Denver trades the 10th or 11th Pick in the Draft to Baltimore for their 1st and 2nd Round Picks. Baltimore drafts Dez Bryant.

    1st Round Pick(via Baltimore)----------------------------Jared Odrick - DE - Penn St. 6'4" 305lbs DE - Denver must address it's Defensive Line and Odrick has the size and non-stop motor for the 3-4 DE.

    2nd Round Pick(via Tampa Bay)--------------------------Maurkice Pouncey - Center Florida 6'5" 315lbs Denver upgrades it's Oline. Pouncey can play Center , so this is a Great Pick.

    2nd Round Pick(via Tampa Bay)---------------------------Vladamir Ducasse G/T U Mass 6'5" 330lbs Denver adds this Big Guard / Tackle to the Oline.

    2nd Round Pick(Denver's pick)-------------------------------Danario Alexander - WR - Missouri 6'4" 215lbs Denver adds another big WR with Stokey getting up in age.

    2nd Round Pick(via Baltimore)--------------------------------Jerome Murphy CB South Florida 6'1" 205lbs Denver drafts this tall CB for much needed depth

    3rd Round Pick(via Cleveland)---------------------------------Dexter McCluster - WR/RB/KR McCluster is Explosive and Fast.

    3rd Round Pick-------------------------------------------------Freddie Barnes WR Bowling Green 6'0" 198lbs Excellent Route Running WR

    4th Round Pick--------------------------------------------------Micah Johnson ILB Kentucky 6'2" 254lbs Excellent ILB in the 4th Round.

    6th Round Pick---------------------------------------------------Jay Ross - DE/NT East Carolina Big active Dlineman.

    7th Round Pick(via Washington)----------------------------------Joseph Turner RB TCU 6'1" 225 Big RB

    7th Round Pick----------------------------------------------------Brent Bowden P Virginia Tech

    Denver's Offensive

    Ryan Clady LT
    Vladimir Duccasse
    Maurkice Pouncey - Center
    Chris Kuper - RG
    Ryan Harris - RT

    Freddie Barnes - WR
    Jabbar Gaffney - WR
    Eddie Royal - WR
    Danario Alexander - WR
    Brandon Stokley - WR

    Denver's Defensive

    Ryan McBean - RDE
    Ron Fields - NT
    Jared Odrick - LDE

    Elvis Dumervil - OLB
    Robert Ayers - OLB
    DJ Williams - ILB
    Micah Johnson - ILB

    Champ Bailey - CB
    Andre Goodman - CB
    Jerome Murphy - CB
    Alfonso Smith - CB
    T. Carter - CB

    Final note - after watching Denver getting blown out by KC , it must upgrade it's Defensive Line. I think Odrick is the next best 3-4 DE behind Suh unless Cameron Heyward declares.

    By Drafting Maurkice Pouncey and Vladimir Duccasse would pay dividends for years!!!

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    Another one? C'Mon MANN!


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      I deleted the last one and updated this one with some positive ideas from MUG


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        It is much better but I think it could have WAITED a little while before you needed to post another one.

        I don't think we will trade down with any team in the draft, because of all the other trading that will be done before that point, but hey its a mock just to many trades for me. Plus McD has shown that he doesn't sit and wait for guys to fall he is more of a trade up and get the guys he is targeting.

        I HATE wr Denario Alexander he can't run routes and is a product of that college system that missouri uses. I think he is a late to mid 3rd rounder at the most no way he is worth a 2nd rounder.


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          Too many WRs maybe? And this WR Danario Alexander was a dropping machine when I saw him play the bowl game, very unimpressive.


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            Five mocks in seven days. Why not just edit the previous thread?


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              Okay man i defended you yesterday but you seriously need to stop making a mock draft almost everyday.... It would be one thing if it was TOTALLY different but your mocks are almost all the same!!

              Its becoming extremely annoying...


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                Again I took some points from MUG and deleted the old one and updated it.

                If you do not care for my Mock Drafts why do you open them?????

                You are a adult. It is very easy not to click on link!!!!


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                  Living in Missouri I am obviously an MU fan and saw Alexander play.. He is not
                  a very good guy for your system. I mean sure maybe someone can teach him
                  to run crisper routes based much more on timing but why risk it? The system
                  MU runs does not stress great route running and Alexander capitalized on that.
                  I think he is a 2nd to 3rd round prospect, just not for you system.
                  Club Leader: Robert Griffin III > Andrew Luck

                  ^^^Get used to it.^^^


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                    Oh man, I thought we were going to marinate on the last mock for a bit? Wait until after the Senior Bowl to do another, so other mock drafting posters could have their time in the sun and receive feedback?

                    The mock looks good. I'm still a little iffy on whether we will take 330 lb OGs. That's something New England never did, and if McD comes from that system, I'm not sure the massive maulers are what he wants. History shows he likes 310-315 lb O-linemen.

                    If I'm doing your draft, with your trades and such, I think I'm looking at this as the first 5 selections. We need multiple 3-4 DEs for sure. Love your Odrick and Pouncey picks, but I think Jones is a steal in the 2nd. And if Decker had not of gotten hurt, you're looking at a possible 1st Rounder. I like Decker better than Alexander because Decker has been amazing for more than one season and he's a better route runner. Asamoah seems to fit McD's type of athletic OG a bit better than a mauler.

                    1. DT Jared Odrick
                    2. OC Maurkice Pouncey
                    2. DT Arthur Jones
                    2. WR Eric Decker
                    2. OG Jon Asamoah
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                      I had to correct the draft with Golden Tate must likely to go in the 1st Round.

                      I do think Duccasse would give Denver some much needed size at the Guard position. It will be more clear after the combine to see his height and weight were alot of college players are exaggerated.

                      As far as Route Running WR = Freddie Barnes is one of the best in college. He would team with Alexander to give Denver 1 Red Zone Threat(Alexander) and 1 extremely good route runner.


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                        THis is your best one yet that i have seen.....

                        I like tampa for marshall- thought he was a great fit there, miami or balt. And i never thought about 2 2nds. I know we arent budging off of a first and 3rd, but 2 2nds might do the trick....I like bryant and have us signing him in offseason......So imo personal opinion- marshall for 2nds and bryant makes sense.

                        The rest is a good mock.

                        Of course, i said before i am in the QB dept. But that doesnt mean you have to draft they way i like....I will do my two mocks soon, one how i want and one how i see it actually.

                        BUT this one is one of you best so far. Everything is within reason for the most part. good job.
                        So far:
                        FA- Melvin Gordon. Brandon Scherff
                        1. Kenneth Murray LB; 2. Shenault WR; 2B. Biadazz Center, 3. OT


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                          Thanks for the feedback.

                          I do believe that 2 - 2nd Round Picks is just about the same value as a 1st Round Pick and 3rd. I also think McDaniels might prefer 2 2nd Round Picks.

                          Tampa Bay has a good young QB and by trading for Marshall would give him a Big Target. So it isn't too far fetched.


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                            That'd be pretty crazy if we ended up with that many 2nd round draft picks

                            I'm not gonna attack you for making so many mock drafts, it's obviously something you enjoy doing so it's cool, it's not like I have to open them. This has definitely been one of my favorites so far. Wouldn't be upset if all this went down. It could be better, but I would be happy.


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                              Thanks again.

                              I do believe that everyone enjoys reading different scenario's as far as Mock Drafts. I read everyone I see , even if I don't agree with them or like them. I always find it interesting to see other people's ideas.

                              I think that Jared Odrick would be a Great addition to the Dline.

                              I think both Pouncey and Duccasse would definetely go a LONG WAY to fixing Denver's Oline problems.

                              I for one would like to see Denver mimick The Jets and Baltimore in being a Bigger Team who runs the ball more!!! If Denver scores 1 more TD in the Washington Game and Oakland Game we win both games and finish 10-6. I think this starts and stops in THE TRENCHES!!!!