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    Originally posted by GridironChamp
    Yeah, I had to leave out trades this early on int he process or it would be just
    to much wild flailing.

    All very fair points esp Campbell and with Pit. The thing with Campbell is that
    he just has everything you look for in a LT and he is extremely athletic for his
    size but it is hard to tell with guys like that. If Pit is confident with their OL
    then they have a few other ways they could go, mainly Dan Williams.

    As for Barksdale, I think he is a mid 2nd rounder right now but come draft time
    I think he will have worked his way into the first round. It's something I'll look
    smart on or really whiff IMO.

    If Marshall is traded that HAS to be the pick right?



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      Originally posted by BroncosTX77
      Only gripe I have is (Other than Dez Bryant ::rollseyes::*) is Houston Texans pick. Houston needs a NT to help Okoye. and I don't see them going for DLine again in round 1.

      Houston could go 1 of 5 routes in round 1.

      1. Earl Thomas - Ballhawk to go with Pollard.
      2. Donovan Warren - to compliment or replace Dunta Robinson
      3. Brandon LaFell - If Walter leaves, he becomes #2 WR by default.
      4. Sean Weatherspoon - big upgrade at WLB over Zac Diles
      5. Dan Williams - Beef up the middle.
      I think Price is just a little better fit in a 4-3 and will look much more impressive
      in the upcoming workouts, so I have over Williams for the Texans. There are
      two ways to fix pass defense, and I think Houston will opt for the pass rush
      choice because they already have the stud there in Mario Williams.

      Originally posted by Ravage!!!
      I don't know Grid. I haven't seen anything out of Campbell that makes me believe he's the long term solution. I mean, no matter what, I think we know he's not.

      So how many chances will Shanahan have to draft a QB in the top five picks? Probably not a lot since I don't think he'll be picking in the top 5 again.

      Just as we saw when he had a chance to go after a top talent at QB, he took it. I just think that he makes that move, and as many new coaches do when going to a new team, they put their stamp on the QB position.... especially one with a low-quality player already holding down the spot.

      I personally, just don't see much talent in Campbell... although, OT is a much safer pick.
      Great point about not picking in the top 5 again, didnt really consider that but
      I agree. IDK i think i just think higher of Campbell than most do.

      Originally posted by Schadenfreude

      He was your whole offense... How would you guys do anything if he was gone?
      Club Leader: Robert Griffin III > Andrew Luck

      ^^^Get used to it.^^^


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        Originally posted by GridironChamp
        1) St Louis Rams - Jimmy Claussen QB Notre Dame
        I think this is a no brainer pick, they follow the Lions in last years draft and get thier QB, there is no way they stick with Bulger/Boller/Null for another year... And Claussen is > Stafford.

        2) Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
        For some reason the Lions love Backus so protecting Stafford's blindside will not be an option in this draft for Detroit. Thus the pick is BPA on defense, alas Suh fills a huge need.

        3) Tampa Bay Buccanears - Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
        They just have to hope STL is smart and picks the franchise QB over Suh so they can still get McCoy here, if he or Suh is available it's a lock for their pick.

        4) Washington Redskins - Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
        Shanny will believe that he can work with Jason Cambell who does show plenty of potential at times, so they go right to fixing their REAL problems and attempt to sure up the OL. Okung will be an animal in the NFL at LT.

        5) Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry S Tennesee
        Worst case scenario for KC, Okung is off the board and the only options are guys that you wouldn't normally take in the top 5, obviously not a problem for Pioli hence Jackson. Still, go with you have to go with BPA when multiple guys fit your needs.

        6) Seattle Seahawks - Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
        Pretty simple pick here, Carrol will need his guy up there and Hassleback is clearly on the down. Bradford is truely talented, better than Stafford but under Claussen IMO, but his injuries could drive some people away, just not Carrol.

        7) Cleveland Browns - Earl Thomas S Texas
        So they don't quite get Berry, but they get the next best thing. You don't use a top 10 pick on a OG or a RT and another WR would be useless with the QB's they have at this point in time. With no chance at Bradford or Claussen it has to be S.

        8) Oakland Raiders - Carlos Dunlap DE Florida
        You can pencil this pick in as the best combination of size and speed in the draft. Up until last year I gave Al the benefit of the doubt, but not anymore.. It's clear he just wants speed paired with players that struggle.

        9) Buffalo Bills - Bruce Campbell OT Maryland
        They need a QB or a way to attempt to protect the QB. Clearly Peters was better than we all believed as the Bills pass protection on the left side was just horrendous this past year. Campbell will light up the combine solidifying his top 15 status.

        10) Jacksonville Jaguars - Tim Tebow WR Florida
        I hate this pick, I hate everything about it. I can't stand Tebow as an NFL prospect but VY's resurgance has led people to believe maybe Tebow can succeed and Jacksonville needs the popularity help.

        11) Denver Broncos - Dex Bryant WR Oklahoma State
        This pick rests soley on the outcome of the Marshall situation. I think he is going to be gone the way things are playing out, thus meaning an already possible need is a major need and Bryant will be quite, quite good in the NFL.

        12) Miami Dolphins - Rolando McClain ILB Alabama
        Miami will send Denver a GREAT BIG "thank you" basket for passing on McClain. Great player will be loved by Parcells and fills a need, Jackpot.

        13) San Francisco 49ers - Joe Haden CB Florida
        The only corner in the draft that has a legit chance at being a shutdown CB. The 9ers do a need a lot of offensive help, but hard to tell where the problem lies exactly.

        14) Seattle Seahawks - CJ Spiller RB Clemson
        Julius Jones just does not look like starter material anymore and Forsett is a backup for real. Spiller is a dynamic playmaker in teh run game, pass game, and return game.. He provides instant weapons for Carrol to work with.

        15) New York Giants - Taylor Mays S USC
        Mays is severely overrated but the Giants have a big need for a saftey and one that help against the run would just be dandy. Phillips should be back and be great at FS again allowing Mays to play the line and deliver the wood.

        16) Tenessee Titans - Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
        An awfully long fall for such a promising player, but needs will just overpower pure talent in this deep draft IMO. Tenn needs some major pass rush help so this move makes sense and Morgan is in the mold of Mario Williams.

        17) San Francisco 49ers - Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
        Frank Gore needs some more room to run on the right side and it would help Alex Smith if someone could at least hold their own weight over there. This is a kinda late for Davis as well, but a great pick.

        18) Pittsburgh Steelers - Ryan Baluga OT Iowa
        A big bulky OT that will hopefully buy Big Ben a little bit of time. Unlike Williams Baluga still has a chance to play LT in the NFL if needed so that makes him a better prospect and a perfect option for Tomlin.

        19) Atlanta Falcons - Everson Griffin DE USC
        Their pass defense was horrible so the pick is going to be a corner or D end, the only question is which way is it going to go. Brian Williams should be back and healthy again next year so I'll lean towards defensive end and Griffin has a TON of upside.

        20) Houstan Texans - Brian Price DT UCLA
        The option of Warren falling to them to replace Dunta Robinson is here but the fact that Price had a standout year and is a legit stud might pull them towards him, especially since Okoye hasn't worked out just yet.

        21) Cincinnati Bengals - Damien Williams WR USC
        This pick is between Williams and LaFell IMO because a possession receiver across form Chad is just a HUGE need, well besides from going back 3 years and getting the REAL Carson Palmer. Williams runs such crisp routes already so he gets the nod.

        22) New England Patriots - Jared Odrick DE Penn State
        Bellichick is smart enough to realize the two biggest reasons for the collapse of his defense is the loss of leaders Bruschi and Harrison and the loss of run stuffing machine Seymour. Finding a leader is much harder than a DE.

        23) Green Bay Packers - Joseph Barksdale OT LSU
        The aging, often injured GB OT's will just can flat out not protect Rodgers or create enough running lanes for Ryan Grant. Barksdale can play LT or RT and is still very young. With Odrick gone there is no other 3-4 DE worth taking to replace Jolly here.

        24) Philidelphia Eagles - Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida
        I love this kid as a prospect and think he has the skills to be the best pass rushing DE in this draft. His athleticism makes him a perfect Ried prospect to put opposite of Cole and save this team when not blitzing.

        25) New York Jets - Brandon LaFell WR LSU
        Sure ahands opposite of stone hands is exactly what the Jets better be looking for in this pick. Some speculate they will go pass rush LB but, as has been pointed out this year, they bust a lot and may not be worth the risk yet.

        26) Dallas Cowboys - Donvan Warren CB Michigan
        The only major weakness shown by Dallas lately has been pass defense and mostly due to the Saftey position. With no top notch saftey prospect worth taking here left they opt to to get a guy to start across from Jenkins.

        27) New Orleans Saints - Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri
        This pick only makes to much sense. Playmakers are needed next to Vilma and with no super outstanding pass rushing DE left on the board. I think Weatherspoon will kill the combine probably driving up his draft stock.

        28) Indianapolis Colts - Charles Brown OT USC
        Manning was just MVP of the league and the OL was below average. Both RT and LT are very iffy so I think that rules out Trent Williams and opens the door for Brown to be the pick.

        29) Baltimore Ravens - Arrelious Benn WR Illinois
        I think it's quite obvious they need a #1 WR, Mason would be better suited as a #2 at this point although he is still very good, and if they don't make a play in FA then they will have to take a WR in the first round. Benn gives them a deep threat.

        30) Arizona Cardinals - Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
        Their OL is in shambles against the pass and there is no other gaping hole on the team unless Dansby is let to go free or they all of a sudden realize they want to utilize a TE, which I don't see happening.

        31) San Diego Chargers - Dan Williams NT Tennessee
        After losing the SB by watching them fail to get pressure on Favre and AP run on them All Day they will realize they need a NT that will be dominate like they once had. Enter Dan Williams, who some how fell this far right to them, doesnt that happen every year?

        32) Minnesota Vikings - Mike Iupati OG Idaho
        Why do they struggle to run the ball this year? I'm not sure but I can't see if being Loadholt, Birk, or McKinny so we shall damn the OGs. Iupati is a mammoth of a man which fits in PERFECT with the rest of that goliath line they have.

        I can never remember if the playoff draft order goes by regular season record
        besides the SB teams or if it's all based on when they win or lose so I went with
        the latter.

        The picks in bold are based on what I believe will happen in the playoffs and
        I'll change them as the playoffs go on but I dont see much changes happening
        regardless of order there.

        Let me know if I missed anything obvious!

        Not bad for a CHEF fan...

        I still like McClain #1 but to each is own...If Suh doesn't go #1 about 30 teams will be on the phone with the Lions.. to get the #2...
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          I just don't know about Dez......

          I think he's a great player, but that high in the draft i think McD will go closer to the vest, and go DL or OL, and get his style of Team captain, and a sure fire building block, that isn't going to give him the tude, that the WR you just cleaned up after did.....


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            Nice job GridironChamp!

            I have to wonder if you have Washington taking Okung and KC going BPA because you think in some weird metaphysical way it will jinx your mock and make Okung available for your Chiefs.

            Anyway, good mock!


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              Even if we lose Marshall, I don't think we can take a WR that high in the draft. There are bigger problem areas on this team than WR even without Marshall that need to be addressed. This team cannot win if they can't stop the run so I still believe DL and LB is very important. This draft is deep at WR and we can still find a very good WR in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. I just don't think if McClain or Williams are still available you can pass them up. However, if we would sign someone like Vince Wilfork in free agency, then I could see take Bryant.


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                Originally posted by GridironChamp

                He was your whole offense... How would you guys do anything if he was gone?
                So then a rookie is supposed to be a subsitute for Marshall?


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                  Originally posted by uncoalum
                  Even if we lose Marshall, I don't think we can take a WR that high in the draft. There are bigger problem areas on this team than WR even without Marshall that need to be addressed. This team cannot win if they can't stop the run so I still believe DL and LB is very important. This draft is deep at WR and we can still find a very good WR in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. I just don't think if McClain or Williams are still available you can pass them up. However, if we would sign someone like Vince Wilfork in free agency, then I could see take Bryant.
                  So then, if Rolando McClain is on the board, this pick is neither the BPA or the biggest need. I actually think youll see a lot of Royal, Gaffney, and McKinley. They may even work out something to bring in Deion Branch. McDaniels has already said he has the firmest intention to feed Royal the ball more this year.


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                    If we keep Bmarsh which i am assuming we would because we only had one pick there we wouldn't pick up dez bryant. He's an amazing guy and all but recievers wasn't the problem this year. I feel that we will get McClain if both of those guys were still on the board.

                    The only thing that was a little odd was Joe haden dropping that far. I think if he is on the board when we have our pick either him or McClain would be great. Haden has been compared to the best of them and would be a great addition for this team when the future comes.

                    You did do an amazing job with the draft. Picks make sense for other teams.

                    Team Tebow #267