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    Originally posted by no-pseudo-fan
    If we only get a 2nd and branch, I say . Keep Brandon and pay him. We are better with him then a has been and an unproven rook.

    So true I would feel robbed. But i would love to get cribbs, but i mean its not like royal cant run punts back either hes pretty good when it comes to st

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      I won't lie, I'm a big fan of that potential O-line you just put together. That alone would improve our offense across the board.



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        Originally posted by broncofansd
        I changed the Mock because after thinking about the trade for Marshall it wasn't enough.

        I changed it to Denver trades Brandon Marshall to Seattle for their original 1st and Deion Branch.

        With the extra 1st Round Pick Denver drafts NT/DE Dan Williams!!!!

        And Cribbs wants a contract about $2.5 million. That isn't crazy.
        I disagree with you on that! When Cribbs was on ESPN last week, he said that he wanted fair market value, and if you look at other top returners in the NFL thats in the same situation, as far as dual players $2.5 million is not the answer!

        Devin Hester's contract extension- 4yrs up to $40million with $15million guaranteed!

        Darren Sproles- San Diego Franchised him and he is getting paid $6.621million!

        Leon Washington wants to get paid atleast $6million a year!

        Besides the wildcat, Cribbs haven't showed me that he can be a dominate reciever, he also said that maybe the Browns don't want to pay him alot is because he doesn't specialize in one thing, and we don't use the Wild Horses that much and I can't imagine Josh using it more! I think what Cribbs mean by fair market value is atleast $5million a year! Here is his stats from this year.


        Rec/20, Yds/135, Avg/6.8, Lng/35, Td/1


        Att/55, Yds/381, Avg/6.9, Lng/37, Td/1, Fum/3, Lst/2
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          You are good i must admit.The player out of college we need is Jahvid Best out of Cal RB.We need that change of pace back with Moreno and Best.Best is gonna surprise a lot of people if we can get him.I like the Branch and the #1 pick for Marshall,and the Cribbs for a #2 pick. Everything else you said was perfect .Denver need to hire you on for GM.CPs Forthcoming :thumb:


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            Originally posted by EddieMac
            Good but I really doubt a we would get a 3rd for Scheffler. I don't see NE moving up for a player, especially an offensive one when they have many needs on defence right now.

            I would hate to only get a 2nd for Marshall and Branch, he has been bad since going to Seatle, but you are right, it fits what we have seen McD do.

            Although he did steal a couple of first rounders for ...that guy..
            On the contrary, I think New England is just the team to move into our spot. They need defense yes, but they have 3 2nd round picks and a few additonal ones later as well. If any team tries to move up, it will be the Patriots!

            Like the mock, except for the 2nd round corner. If you put a DE like Arthur Jones in there this mock would begreat!


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              I agree with you that Arthur Jones is a very good pick in the 2nd Round.

              I just see McDaniels looking at CB again with Champ being in his final $10million year.