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Mike Mayock's Top Prospects 2010

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  • Mike Mayock's Top Prospects 2010

    Finally, Mike Mayock started his 2010 Draft marathon

    Here it is:


    1 Sam Bradford
    2 Jimmy Clausen
    3 Colt McCoy
    4 Tim Tebow
    5 Dan LeFevour/Tony Pike


    1 CJ Spiller
    2 Ryan Matthews
    3 Jahvid Best
    4 Dexter McCluster
    5 Joe McKnight / Jonathan Dwyer


    1 Dez Bryant
    2 Golden Tate
    3 Arrelious Benn
    4 Demaryius Thomas
    5 Mardy Gilyard


    1 Jermaine Gresham
    2 Rob Gronkowski
    3 Dennis Pita
    4 Aaron Hernandez
    5 Ed ****son / Anthony McCoy


    1 Mike Iupati
    2 Maurkice Pouncey
    3 Jon Asamoah
    4 Rodger Safford
    5 Zane Beadles


    1 Russell Okung
    2 Bryan Bulaga
    3 Anthony Davis
    4 Trent Williams
    5 Vladimir Ducasse


    1 Jason Pierre-Paul
    2 Derrick Morgan
    3 Carlos Dunlap
    4 Everson Griffen
    5 Brandon Graham


    1 Gerald McCoy
    2 Ndamukong Suh
    3 Jared Odrick
    4 Dan Williams
    5 D'Anthony Smith


    1 Rolando McClain
    2 Brandon Spikes
    3 Sean Lee
    4 Pat Angerer
    5 Darryl Sharpton


    1 Sergio Kindle
    2 Sean Weatherspoon
    3 Daryl Washington
    4 Jerry Hughes
    5 Eric Norwood


    1 Joe Haden
    2 Kyle Wilson
    3 Perrish Cox
    4 Patrick Robinson
    5 Devin McCourty


    1 Eric Berry
    2 Taylor Mays
    3 Earl Thomas
    4 Larry Asante
    5 Chad Jones
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    Looks like Mayock isn't drinking the Suh kool-aid. I would love to know his reasons why.


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      Mayock made an intriguing list that will generate a lot of discussion:

      . Gerald McCoy rated as the top DT
      . Bradford ahead of Clausen
      . Bruce Campbell our of the OT list
      . Terrence Cody out of the DT list
      . Taylor Mays rated higher than Earl Thomas
      . Damian Williams and Brandon LaFell out of the WR list

      I'm not saying he is right or wrong, just that there will be some buzz


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        Huh. Donovan Warren not one of the top 5 CBs? Everything I've read has him the consensus #2 and expects him to be selected in the late first, early second round.


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          Don't understand Bradford over Clausen
          Don't understand why he doesn't have Damien Williams as a top 5 WR


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            Really surprised to see Kyle Wilson as the 2nd rated CB...


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              Originally posted by Den615 View Post
              Really surprised to see Kyle Wilson as the 2nd rated CB...
              What surprises me is Jerry Hughes being rated so low. It must be because he really only fits a 3-4 scheme, hypothetically. I think he is physical enough to do well in a 4-3 if he plays with good DT's, but really he belongs in a 3-4.

              Kyle Wilson doesn't surprise me. He's what we hoped Smith would be, a team leader and good in run support. The difference is Kyle has 4.3 speed.
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                I would put Bradford over Clausen, that doesn't shock me in the least.

                But.. but... but.... I don't see Tebow on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
                  I would put Bradford over Clausen, that doesn't shock me in the least.

                  But.. but... but.... I don't see Tebow on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  Hes number 4, I just think Roddoliver is a little bias and didnt want to post his name

                  Team Tebow #267


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                    Originally posted by broncofansd
                    Sam Bradford is a much better QB than Clausen - look up Bradfords # in 2008.

                    4720 yards - 67.9 Completion % , 50 TD's and 8 Int's.

                    Obviously he got injured the 1st game this year but he is a better QB.

                    And some people on the forum think Donnovan Warren is #2 CB. Why??? He is the 10th rated CB on and Mayock knows he isn't a top 5 CB.

                    He had 66 tackles and 4 Int's.
                    Its not about numbers, its about talent.


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                      Originally posted by licence_to_kill View Post
                      Its not about numbers, its about talent.
                      It's a smokeshield, he's just trying to use something logical to back up his real argument as to why Bradford is better...

                      Bradford is 6'4 and 223 lbs, Clausen is only 6'3 223lbs.
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                        Thats actually a fair argument. Maybe its just me, but Bradford doesn't look like he has a very thick frame which could spell trouble in the NFL.

                        He also doesnt have the arm strength of Clausen


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                          No Major Wright? He's gotta be a top 5 saftey...

                          SUH is over McCoy

                          Clausen over Bradford

                          Warren should be a top 5 CB

                          side note...I would love to have McKnight on our team...Brandon Graham as well...
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                            Glad to see Kyle Wilson getting some love... He is going to be an absolute stud at the next level, and i wouldn't be upset at all if we nabbed him the 2nd round.


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                              If a team takes Bradford whilst Clausen is on the board, they'll be the laughing stock of the majority of the NFL.
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