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    Torry Holt is on the Bears.

    Consider it a done deal.

    This is the reason he asked for his release. Considering Holt isn't what he used to be, Jacksonville was happy to boot him.

    He wants to be reunited with Mike Martz. A smart bet be putting some money on Kevin Curtis finding his way to the Bears as well.

    Chicago needs players familiar with his offense. The need for success is immediate. They can't wait a year or two for players to truly understand the system. Which is one reason Devin Hester has been moved back to KR, and will play offense sparingly (next to never).

    So I think any thoughts of Chicago going after Marshall are foolish. Though they never really had a chance since they traded away all their picks.


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      holt's past his prime. i think he'll go to chicago

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        Picking up Holt on the cheap is a great idea. What is the downside with the thing? It isn't like he would come on here to be a #1. Bring him in as a mentor to McKinley, and Royal. Bring him in to teach BM what it means to be a professional. Having a quality locker room guy is never a bad thing. Look at what Dawkins did and this time last year most on here thought that he was done.
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          Originally posted by BroncoFanBoy View Post
          holt's past his prime. i think he'll go to chicago
          Still put up 750+ yards. Everyone was saying that about Rice when he came to Oakland in 01.