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Rookie QB's...who should Denver draft??

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  • Rookie QB's...who should Denver draft??

    In all reality Sam Bradford(wash) and Jimmy Clausen(buff) will be gone by the time the broncos draft.
    Which of these guys would you like to see in orange and blue next year?

    Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
    Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
    Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati
    Jonathan Crompton, QB, Tennessee
    Ryan Perriloux, QB, Jacksonville State
    Dan Lefevour, QB, Central Michigan

    I'm all for Dan Lefevour!!

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    John Skelton

    In a game played October 31, 2009, NFL quarterback prospect, John Skelton had a record-setting performance completing 43 passes for 427 yards and no interceptions.


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      Colt McCoy

      Id like to pick him up if he is in the fourth round.
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        I got to go with John Skelton.


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          I would have to say Jonathan Crompton from Tennessee, due to the fact he took to NFL Coaching really well his senior year and vastly improved. This tells me he can be coached up and he already shows an NFL Caliber arm as well as playing in pro style offense, meaning he knows how to take a snap from center.

          The one QB I would not be upset about if Denver drafted, not on your list, is Jarrett Brown WVU.

          He is a project, only a 1 year starter but he played in spread offense and could be a (Hate Wild Horses name, sounds stupid. Prefer Wild Stallion formation instead) Wild Stallion threat for Denver and possibly decent career backup. Strong armed and mobile, kind of the anti Orton, but a playmaker nonetheless, just not someone expected to be a starter.


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            Theres only 3 qbs I would want to see on our sideline

            Clausen if he falls to 10

            tebow if he falls to the 3rd round

            Or Skelton in the 4 th


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              Jonathan Crompton, QB, Tennessee

              Why? Because we have other positions we need to fill with the first 3 rounds and Crompton should be there in the 4th.

              Crompton has only 1 full year as a starting QB under his belt, he started the season off shakey but finished very strong.

              Crompton has shown that he is a very coachable player, once he finially got a coach who knows how to coach a QB in Kiffin he proved that.

              Not know as a mobile QB but isn't slow by QB standards, can make every throw required in the NFL, his accuarcy needs alot of work but we wouldnt be drafting him in the 4th to start right away, he could sit behind :orton: learning the offense for at least a year or two. He has potential to be a very good starting QB, and the option is always available to draft Locker next year so those two can duke it out for the starting job in 2011
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                None of the above as we won't be drafting a QB, BUT if I had to choose it would be Colt McCoy in round 3.

                Maybe Brown from WV, but I would need to see more from him before I would pick him.


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                  Whichever is available in the 4th


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                    I'd take Jarrett Brown, Colt McCoy, or Tony Pike in the 3rd round.


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                      And zac robinson as well


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                        Skelton in the 4th round.


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                          UDFA Tim Hiller we got bigger needs....


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                            Originally posted by Papa-pwn
                            And zac robinson as well
                            I like Zac as a player I just can't get over his skinny frame, He had the best Senior Bowl out of all the Souther QB's. I would want him to put on some upper body mass, just afraid he is going to get hurt
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                              Originally posted by kona bronco
                              UDFA Tim Hiller we got bigger needs....
                              Agree and we just drafted Brandstater, who should get a shot to see what he can do if Orton gets injured next year.