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For all you fellow Dez Bryant fans out there

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    Originally posted by Wilhite
    Let's say we keep Marshall by using the franchise tag and then we draft Dez with the 10/11th pick. How do you think Marshall will react when he sees a rookie WR get a big chunk of change without showing anything in the NFL?
    Just something to think about.
    You are absolutely correct here. . . I actually think if BMarsh isnt the highest paid on the team, it could be trouble.
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      Dez might end up being a great player. But he isnt going to help us next year. And I just feel that it is more important for us to get bigger up front. Dez would be a luxury pick. Get a few young lineman (both O and D) and draft the next Dez Bryant next year.
      Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic