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    Originally posted by Millerlite
    Awe forgot he was a ufa mybad lol. But thos three player did nothing for denver last year imo might be a good choice to trade them for someone.
    I was just thinking carolina would wanna get sam bradford at 10. Im kinda new to making mock drafts lol.
    If those players are supposed lost causes, then why would they have any value to Carolina or any other team for that matter?

    But, hey, you just popped your mock draft cherry, so I'll cut you some slack.
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      why would we want a qb like eli? has he done anything great i dont even consider him a top ten talent at the qb position. i do however believe bradford will be something very special as long as that shoulder holds up. one other thing I absolutely hate the idea of getting peppers he will want way way to much money for a 30 year old learning a new position - would rather throw the barn at marshall doom or any top of the line dl like pickett and jolly