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The "Hand I was Dealt" Denver Broncos Mock

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    Originally posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor
    Being tougher up front is something McDaniels talked about in one of his end of the year pressers.
    He talked about it all season long and i fully expect this offseason to be about getting more physical up front.


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      Originally posted by BroncosTX77
      I stir the pot, it is who I am and it is what I do best. This mock uses the picks Denver has as of 2/20/10 and assumes all players on Denver week 17 are still there. No trades. This is pre combine mock, I will have one more after FA starts before the draft. I like to open peoples eyes to the "Other" players out there besides the overhyped ones all the mockers like to overdraft.

      I did this mock with FA in mind. I feel Denver will grab a starting Center and a guard in FA, and after article posted today about McDaniels belief in Seth Olsen as a Guard who can back up Center, as what Ben Hamilton did, I didn't feel a Center was a need right now as much as a swing tackle was to replace Tyler Polumbus.

      I don't feel WR is a draft need, I feel Marshall will return and Denver still has McKinley at their disposal. Denver doesn't need speedy WR, more than they need fast smart route running WR.

      Finally, I feel Denver will make a trade or 2 to acquire more picks. An OLB and ILB is needed but I felt the depth of ILB in this draft is horrible and possibly can be taken care of in FA, and OLB depth will be used with extra pick that McDaniels were suredly get.


      1st DE Corey Wootton Northwestern

      I am sticking to my guns. I am going all out MUG-Okam stubborn here. I guarantee none of y’all will like this pick and think he can be had in 3rd round of draft. You will say you would rather have Rolando McClain, Dan Williams, Dez Bryant or Sam Bradford instead. Fact of the matter is I believe Williams will be gone in top 10 as well as McClain. Bryant is a useless pick with or without Brandon Marshall while Orton is still QB for the Denver Broncos. As for Bradford…HA! SOB has a doctors note to all 32 NFL Teams to excuse him from the combine and Oklahoma Sooner Pro Day workouts and says he will work out on his own for teams. His shoulder isn’t right.

      Corey has been mocked/rated from mid twenties to late 2nd round, and this includes “experts” not just wannabe gurus. Wootton is 14 months removed from ACL surgery and fully recovered for the combine next week. He was a beast his junior year before freak knee injury in Bowl Game and had decent senior year, but came on strong at end of year, again showing he is completely healed from ACL injury. Wootton is projected best as 5 tech DE, and draws comparisons to Richard Seymour. He has the combine I expect him to and he will reserve his ticket to round 1 supremacy. What makes him a perfect match for Denver is his leadership, his coaches rave about his work ethic and intelligence.

      One thing we can all agree with is that Denver is primed for a trade down in round 1, the talent isn’t lining up with team needs for them. But this mock is only for the picks Denver possesses right now.

      2nd CB Devin McCourty Rutgers

      Dual threat CB who can return kicks. Speedy cover corner that has the size and skills for press coverage. Good vs run doesn’t Cromartie/Sanders goes after RB with Champ ferocity. Does have trouble getting off downfield blocks from larger WR. Has shown his Return skills help with shifty runners in open space rarely gets beat, solid tackling technique. Team Captain and academic All Big East. I feel he would be the one to replace Champ or Andre if they got hurt while Fonz manned the nickel. Moving up fast, might be 1st rounder after Combine.

      3rd OL Rodger Saffold Indiana

      4 year starter and team captain. Shined and dominated at the East-West Shrine Game. Impressed many scouts with his strength and footwork. Projects as a Guard/RT in pros. Good replacement for Tyler Polumbus and possibly Harris after his contract is up.

      4th QB Jonathan Crompton Tennessee

      Beginning of the college football season, especially after Florida debacle, if you told me that Crompton is projected as a 4th round pick, much less projected at all, I’d call you crazy. In light of Woody’s article and Brandstater not wowing McDaniels and Owner Pat Bowlen saying QB is needed in draft I offer you Jonathan Crompton. If Jimmy Clausen isn’t available in round 1, then I don’t see any other QB other than Crompton and maybe Jevan Snead with as much upside and potential in this draft. Crompton took to NFL coaching very well and improved by leaps and bounds his senior year. He also possesses the coveted Arm strength, height, weight, and mobility scouts look for in an NFL QB.

      6th TE Nate Byham Pittsburgh

      McDaniels loves his blocking TE, and with Scheffler wanting out and Graham in the twilight of his career, and Quinn destined to take over the "Pass" catching duties of TE, Byham is one of the best blocking TE in NCAA and a great team first player with outstanding attitude.

      7th NT Travis Ivey Maryland

      Huge Clogger to take a flyer on in round 7 to add some NT depth to the team. Possible PS stash would need a couple years to develop into rotation caliber player.

      I would love your draft if You took Wooten in the second...and Snead in the 4th...

      I know you dont switch up your mocks...Neither do I...I have had the same one on my sig from day one of Mocking...

      I do think Wooten (having watched Big ten football) is a GREAT playmaker...He would have been a top 15 pick, if not for the injury. Some think he shoulda came out last year...But it worked well for Graham, and Odrick.

      I see how your F/A's filled needs and I give you an A for that...C/G would be nice.Your draft, I should say pick #1, and pick in the 4th rd is where I disagree...But to each his own.
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        If Bradford falls to 10/11 you have to take him, shoulder and all. Even if it doesn't heal right until camp, you take this kid. His doctor operated on Drew Brees and the wrestler HHH back and had them back in doing what they do better than ever. I trust James Andrews.

        Off that note, I dislike your draft picks but not the positions. Wooten at 11? I'd break my TV. Odrick could be had.

        McCourty looks like he might leapfrog into round 1. Its possible he could be where you mocked him as well. Ill leave that pick alone even though I dont think it will happen.

        Rodger Saffold? Rather have the guard from Texas Tech or realy Mike Tennant here.

        Jonathan Crompton is a <wordsIcantsayhere> joke. Give me that Skelton kid if you want to burn a 4th on a project QB.

        The last two picks are fine.


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          This is the hand you should be dealt for your mock!

          Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!


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            I would stick with my first mind and draft Mike Iupati G with the fist pick.We struggled offensively this season.When Ryan Harris went down we had no quality depth on our line.Our guards and center got creamed this season.


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              If we take a defensive lineman with the #10, it needs to be Dan Williams, he's a better prospect then Raji.

              2nd up would be Jared Odrick. Wotton is in good consideration for our 2nd rounder, but I'd rather take Alelu. Dan Williams and Jared Odrick are both guys who are extremely nfl ready for Defensive lineman, you can expect them to come in and make the other team double team them a lot. Wotton might evolve into that player. Wotton probably does have the higher pass rush ceiling, but he has a lot of developing to do, and won't develop into the rush defender that they will. Wootton may not be the 'will develop into a 3-4 de' that people think he is either. I'd be a lot more interested if we were in a 4-3