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Broncos reach out to C Kevin Mawae

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  • Broncos reach out to C Kevin Mawae


    Broncos have been in contact with C Kevin Mawaew. Nothing imminent. He could return to Titans. More on

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    Nothing earth shattering, but it will be exciting to follow some new FA activity again.
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      I had high hopes we would go grab him. If we can sign him we wont have an absolute need going into the draft :go:
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        Even if we do end up signing Mawae, I think we still target JD Walton in the 2nd round.

        Mawae would be great for us and provide a veteran pressence on the Oline.
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          This is one seasoned vet that I can only offer one word to..........



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            He would be great on the field and in the locker room. . . isnt he the president of the NFLPA or something?
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              If we can make room for guys like Dawkins and Jamal than we can definitely fit space for another vet.


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                Schefter in on it too. . . look like there is some mutual interest.

                Broncos, C Kevin Mawae Have Mutual Interest?

                Both Jason La Canfora of NFL Network and Adam Schefter of ESPN have reported that the Denver Broncos and Kevin Mawae have showed some preliminary mutual interest.

                Mawae is 39 years old and his play has declined, though some still maintain he is playing at a high level. The Broncos could look to him as a stop-gap for 2010 and draft a center within the first three or four rounds.

                I just hope we arent being used as a bargaining chip so he can get a better offer to return to the Titans. I am willing to bet though, if he flies down here to meet with McD and X-man - he will sign with Denver. These guys have closed almost every FA that they wanted (and brought into town). The guys that they let go, either wanted too much money or could not pass the physical.

                I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the offseason. Its setting us up nicely to have multiple options in the draft.
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                  Would be another good signing. McD is one of the best recruiters in the NFL so I wouldn't be shocked at all if this went down.
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                    More info on Mawae from MHR

                    Free Agent Profile: Center Kevin Mawae

                    Broncos_camp_2_054_tiny by Sayre Bedinger on Mar 22, 2010 11:29 AM MDT in 2010 Offseason Comment 0 comments

                    It is finally being reported that the Denver Broncos and center Kevin Mawae have mutual interest, though talks between the two sides are not even in the infancy stage in terms of talking contract as far as we know. Jason La Canfora first reported it today, and ESPN's Adam Schefter reiterated that Mawae and the Broncos are a "natural match".

                    The Broncos, who recently released Casey Wiegmann, are in the market for a starting center this year. The only true center on the roster is Dustin Fry, who was signed to a futures contract and has never started for an NFL team.

                    It is assumed the Broncos will target a C/G early in the draft, as they feel Seth Olsen is capable of taking over one of the spots.

                    Josh McDaniels made it clear that the Broncos are looking to get bigger this offseason, which makes their preliminary interest in Kevin Mawae very intriguing. Mawae is 289 pounds, a mere four pounds heavier than Casey Wiegmann's listed playing weight.

                    Still, the Broncos' interest in Mawae is no shocker, as they are most definitely in the market for a starting center right now, and this seven time Pro Bowler could come at a very cheap price.


                    Mawae is a 16-year NFL veteran, and played his college ball at LSU. The first four years of his career were spent with the Seattle Seahawks, where he became the full time starter in his second season. After his time in Seattle, he moved on to the New York Jets, where he spent eight seasons as the full time starter and was named to six Pro Bowls.

                    After his eight seasons in New York, Mawae moved on to the Tennessee Titans where he has been the captain and anchor of one of the more successful running games in the NFL. In 2008, he had arguably his best season as a professional when he was named to his seventh Pro Bowl and was selected as a first team All-Pro selection.

                    In addition to his prowess on the field, Mawae has had a great influence off the field as the NFLPA President. He is a very well-respected player in this league, and is like a coach on the field.

                    In his career, Mawae has started more games than any other active offensive lineman. He has also blocked for 13 1,000 yard running backs, including Chris Johnson's spectacular 2,000 yard season in 2009.

                    The former second round pick is part of the Louisiana State University athletic Hall of Fame, and is one of the more decorated centers in NFL history.

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                      39 and still the best C available I think we need to go after Maurkice Pouncey in the draft but I can only imagine him having a year under Mawae he would be a demon
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                        I'd like it if we got him, would be a good mentor for a yr to Pouncey, Walton, Tennant, or Eric Olsen.


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                          Heck he is one of the most dominant lineman in history when he retires I wouldnt mind having him as a coach either
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                            Instead of reaching out...Lets just bring him in...

                            If we can add a player with his attitude coupled with his winning pedigree, we will be just fine...

                            We can then not worry about a second round center THIS YEAR...We then have... FA, next year, and the draft next year, along with...WHO KNOWS if we are playing football after this season.

                            We go skilled at 11...skilled in the second and third, and cross the Center bridge when we come to it... Theres alot of time before this year and next year to get a center...We are so predictable...Everyone knows we need D-Line and O-line help...

                            So what does Josh do, goes out and gets a ton of D-line help...And If we bring in Kevin That gets our O-line the help it needs FOR this SEASON...

                            We can then be UNPREDICTABLE come draft time, and may even be able to trade...Becouse teams wont know OUR NEED!!!!!
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                              Broncos express interest in free-agent center Mawae

                              Broncos express interest in free-agent center Mawae
                              Jason La Canfora By Jason La Canfora |

                              The Denver Broncos have expressed some interest in Tennessee Titans Pro Bowl center Kevin Mawae, a league source said Monday.

                              The Broncos lost center Casey Wiegmann to the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency, and though the team is looking to get younger at that position, Mawae is a possibility, and there has been contact between the sides. Mawae is an unrestricted free agent.

                              Mawae has the option of returning to the Titans as well, in what would likely be a depth role. Despite his age, he made it through 2009 injury free and was voted to another Pro Bowl, but the interest in him has been limited.