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    Originally posted by Den615 View Post
    MUG is not a good guy to mess with It is safe to say he knows more about the draft than everyone else on this message board.

    As for taking both Olsen and Walton...I like it. We have no starting center, and no depth at either center or guard. Seeing as how Walton and Olsen can play both positions I think it makes even more sense. I would be shocked if we didn't take at least two interior offensive lineman.
    E-X-A-C-T-L-Y .... And if you're following closely, Mcd and the X-man have established a modus operandi already.

    We now know they feel good about the QB corps (Orton, Quinn, Brandstater); and our DB depth is one of the best groups in football right now.

    Our DL has been addressed with a complete makeover.

    We drafted an OLB, have the NFL sack leader and paid one of our ILB a large sum of money. Not saying LB rotation is set in stone. So it appears we will look for one ILB in April (even if Haggan will start).

    We drafted Moreno, have two injured (but capable RBs). So it appears another RB is possible come April.

    We could always use WRs in this Mcd offense- so I predict a WR is coming as well.

    But, without a doubt... The biggest need on this team right now, the engine that makes Mcd's offense run, the unit with the most holes- OFFENSIVE LINE.

    We are missing TWO interior OL positions right now. We have an oft injured RT. Another OG on a 1-year deal. And, oh by the way, we have switched schemes from a ZBS to a power blocking system.

    I would say FOR SURE expect DEN to draft TWO OL kids, one in the first 3 rounds.

    I predict 2 OL, 1 WR, 1 RB, an ILB and a DE. We might take a punter, but that would come at the cost of a RB or WR (pending on what happens with Marshall).


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      CJ Spiller could be the pick.
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        Originally posted by Joshecalpoly View Post
        Lol says the guy who has us picking 2 of the top Center prospects in the draft lol, but you are right I stopped listening to them about 3 or 4 years ago
        If you consider how thin we are at OC and also that they might be able to play OG if necessary, taking two of them is not such an absurd.


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          Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
          If you consider how thin we are at OC and also that they might be able to play OG if necessary, taking two of them is not such an absurd.
          Touche but with Olsen and Kuper all we need is a backup. I will give you that as 4th rounder is not a bad pick for this especially since he is underrated

          Dishwater Hochstein is a C/G who we played at C last year as a starter for 10 games but if anything he is a backup plan since he is a starting G. I would prefer we get a backup in the 5th or later though
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            Originally posted by Joshecalpoly View Post
            Dishwater Hochstein is a C/G who we played at C last year as a starter for 10 games but if anything he is a backup
            Hochstein played Guard man, after Hamilton was scratched.

            He's only ever been a guard that has had a few snaps at C, nothing else.

            Olsen isn't very good in the C position, 'sending shotgun snaps into the atmosphere', not including that he's slated to take over the LG spot.

            Kuper has little to none experience at OC.

            You think Fry is anything more than a TC body?

            Targeting a starter and depth, especially one with versatility like Eric Olsen, makes sense...
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              Sorry I didnt have time to finish my statement I had a doctors appointment and the snow through me off.

              I know Hochstein is a guard and at best a backup C like Hamilton. I was just saying that he can actually play C and I hate having Fry as a backup C. Heck if you look at any of my threads I mention we need a Guard especially one who can play both C and G. Eric Olsen is great but I dont want to use a 4th rounder on him if we will only use him as a backup. If he falls to 5th yes. What is wrong with Kenny Alfred.

              I never said Seth Olsen was a C I was saying if it comes down to it he can be a starting G. I would prefer it didnt but I am saying that Hochstein can play C
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                Uh.....I just checked my ESPN insider. OP messed up.

                Kiper has Morgan going to JACKSONVILLE


                McShay has Thomas going to JACKSONVILLE

                Both McShay and Kiper have us taking Dez. And they both say, we should take him regardless of what happens with Marshall.


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                  Originally posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
                  These two get dumber every year. The main reason is that they never investigate NFL schemes or team needs. They rank their prospects and then they shove them down teams' throats in their mocks so they fit the draft value they assigned.
                  I may be wrong but isnt Morgan said to be only a 4-3 DE.You think the're dumb.On NFL Live each day on the ticker at the bottom of the screen they have Denver picking 10 and Jacksonville still at 11.Nice one ESPN.They must have Clayton doing the updates or something.


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                    we wouldnt take a OLB in first round no way we drafted one first round last year and DOOM is on the otherside. and ya got it right D.Bryant is who they say we taking and i have to agree we need PLAYMAKERS on offense. D.Mccluster is another one i believe we will draft. and Oline we will get a few thru draft and UFA. K.Mathews C/G is another i think we can take in mid rounds but who ever we take i just hope we dont spend top pick on C/G when we need to grab some game changers our offense needs some playmakers besides marshall and he may not even be on team. him and his agent are in FL. at the Owners meetings which doesnt sound good i know they could be just trying to find another team to want him but Marshall being there makes me feel somehing is going down otherwise it be just his agent there not the player. lets hope not!! but if so then we really reallly need PLAYMAKERS!!!!


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                      We have 2 cutbacks already do we need a 3rd with McCluster. Yes he looks good in the wildehorses but ild take a power back to help on those 3rd down and goalline situations or unless we trust Arrington to still have speed a speed back but with Buckhalter and Moreno we dont need a 3rd cut-back

                      Deji Karim is a speed cut combo or LeGarrette Blount who is a bulldozer that wont force us to watch Moreno get stuffed at the line of scrimmage on short yardage plays. Both will be available at later rounds and we could use both heck even taking Anthony Dixon in the 3rd wouldnt make me upset or even in the 2nd to make sure we get him because only 2 out of the 3 power backs are actually healthy

                      Personally Ild rather have Pouncey a good O-line does wonders for a team You live and die by your O-line. The center captains the O-line is the first to touch the ball he is the one who generally creates space for the runners but can prevent the rare middle blitz. If the QB is the most important player on the team the second is the LT and if thats the case then the C who generally leads the O-line is the 3rd most people underestimate a good C especially a rare one who can play 4 different spots on the O-line.

                      I prefer we dont get Dez yes he is a play maker but he has shown some signs of personality issues he has been called Braylon Edwards esque in his lack luster effort and focus on the field at times and he is part of Pac-Mans entourage do we need another troubled receiver. Demaryius Thomas (3) is one of the rawest talents in the draft but when he gets the ball he cant be stopped. Freddie Barnes (6) came off of an amazing year showing his fingers arent just soft they are sticky especially when it comes to endzone plays. Dez Bryant is not the only WR in the draft we dont need to go after him.

                      If you dont want Pouncey in the first my next favorite is Eric Olsen who is completely underrated going in the 4th, and there are a few other good G/C that are not going to be drafted in the until late:
                      Kenny Alfred in the 5th
                      Thomas Austin in the 5th
                      Jacob Hickman in the 6th
                      Some count Joel Nitchman but he only played one game at left guard and he will probably be a FA
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