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    Originally posted by broncos SB2010 View Post
    Kyle calloway is another good prospect in round 3 or 4.
    As a LG, so is Utah's Zane Beadles (6'4"-307), a LT in college that woud kick inside, he has played and been a leader on very good teams, and is also extremely smart as an engineering student.

    I really like Beadles as a LG, and Tennant as a C as late-second, to mid-third round considerations.


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      Great name and welcome. Glad to have an intelligent poster on the forum.


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        Last year we added a ton of FA secondary guys and then we went heavy on the secondary in the draft. Wouldn't surprise me if we did the same this year. We need youth in a rotation dominated by old guys.


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          Originally posted by Sheik Yerbouti View Post
          Not sure I see your logic here...

          Marshall is a proven, elite receiver with three consecutive 100 plus catch seasons to his credit, and a top five receiver in the NFL.

          I have to believe it would be more beneficial keeping him than trading him for pennies on the dollar, and drafting a player in Bryant you HOPE is going to play up to the same standards as B Marsh. Not to mention the fact that he is a Jr. that declared early after not playing much last season at OSU.

          I think any problems with Marshall are solved with a new, shiney contract and a nice, fat signing bonus.

          Now, if they can extend Marshall, and they want to sell out for offensive weapons, and bet that is the way to win in the NFL these days, you would have an argument. After all, the Saints just won the Super Bowl, and the Cardinals went the year before largely on the strength of their offensive ability.

          So adding Bryant to Marshall would be an advancement for the team....simply trading Marshall for Bryant is a lateral move at best.
          Giving Marshall a shiny new contract will not solve his problems. I don't believe he would function well without the carrot dangling in front of his nose.

          As for Bryant, he's demonstrated every skill Marshall possesses except the ability to fight with women and ski on fast food wrappers.


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            I love this. We have no clue whatsoever and everyones guess is a good one.

            Now. McD showed us last year that he is completely unpredictable. We had a seriously crappy d-line, and he did not adress it in the draft.

            This tells me that McD wont reach for need. When he picks at #11 he will grab a player worthy of the money.

            So - what do we need? My prioritised order

            0. Top talent - there are some players we will not let go if they fall to us - no matter their position
            1. OL - no brainer
            2. WR - but only if we loose Marshall
            3. RB - We have Moreno, but the rest are injury prone or career backups.
            4. Depth/Youth at Linebacker and DBs

            Otherwise I believe that we are pretty much set.

            So who will be there? Much more tricky. I think he has a prioritised board of players he wants at #11 and if one of these fall to him he will pull the trigger no matter if he is OL, WR, RB etc.

            This is my take on the list:

            Trent Williams
            CJ Spiller

            The order can be discussed of course, but I don't think it is far off. We will have one of these guys - whomever is the highest on the list when we pick. My guess will be one of the OTs. And I'd be happy with that.

            Yes - Dan Williams is not there. If you want him in - who will you take out?