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Walter Footballs new Mock - LOL - We have a new WINNER!!!

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    toddler's twaddle

    Originally posted by bronx_2003 View Post
    I thought after seeing someone on project Sergio Kindle to us at #11 there would be no way I could see a worst draft.......but I was wrong. Here is Matt McGuire's new 3 round mock -

    Both Matt McGuire and Walter Cherepinsky have the maturity level of 7th graders so WF isn't a site I visit much.

    Walter's latest (Mar. 30) MOCK is a little better:

    1) - Dan Williams (DT)
    2) - DeMaryius Thomas (WR)
    3) - Pat Angerer (ILB)
    4) - Anthony Dixon (RB)
    5) - none

    I can argue with some aspects of it but it's not egregiously bad. McGuire -- on the other hand -- may not have his mother's permission to be on the Internet so don't go there and get him in trouble.
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      Originally posted by broncsfan219 View Post
      Um we don't have the number 22 pick...
      I was commenting on the comments from the mock for the Patriots selection.