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I want Spiller at 11

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    Originally posted by halfback View Post
    i want the best player available at pick 11, reguardless of position, instead of reaching for a need
    I want the opposite. Without filling our needs, we won't be a winning team.


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      I would rather have Mathews. In the first 10 yards of the 40 he is only .01 seconds slower than CJ. Its the initial burst that is important and Mathews is just as fast as CJ. Mathews is bigger and a better blocker in the back field and has an exceptional Straight arm.

      I think in reality both of these guys are very close. They each excell in different aspects of the game.


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        Jahvid Best for me please!


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          Originally posted by RaiderFanSD View Post
          Yeah, wouldn't be surprised if Al takes Spiller. From what I "hear", he loves the kid. I don't know if there's truth but I've heard it a few times from different people that supposedly know someone within the organization.

          This same guy predicted that we would draft Bey & Mitchell before it happened. Also predicted that Garcia would be a Raider and that we'd trade for center Samson Satele all before it was made public. So technically, he's 4 for 4.

          With that said, I hope Al doesn't pull the trigger on Spiller.

          Al figures if you cant block the defenders, you could always run around them with speed. Murphy, McFadden, Bey and draft Spiller. He's starting a new concept in the NFL, Speed kills.


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            Originally posted by d-bronx42 View Post
            Jahvid Best for me please!
            yeah, i'll take either of them. Best in the second of course,

            or maybe mccluster, tate, or anthony dixon, in the third,

            we will draft a running back this draft
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