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It should be a SLAM DUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I don't think Cluasen gets past the Bills. They are in desperate need of a QB and they won't pass on him. I could still see the Redskins taking him but I expect them to go OT now. Cleveland could still use him even though they tradeded for Wallace.

    As for Davis and the Raiders then will he would definitly be of use to them, and then they could move Russell to NT


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      I definetly could see the Raiders taking Clausen.Its the kind of thing they do over and over.I would guarantee that when it comes to The Raiders pick we hear Clausen,Mays or Campbell name.


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        Originally posted by crash123go View Post
        I dont think the niners take another QB in the first round
        I wouldn't think so either, but having an extra 1st round pick might sway the 49ers decision a bit.


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          Originally posted by japfaff View Post
          Nice idea...if they do take Clausen, I can see them calling Denver....But they wont offer the #14.... We arent going to get a 1st rounder for BM, we will be lucky if they offer thier late second. My money is that we get a third for him...

          I really doubt we would part w/ him for a 3rd round pick. If your in that situation, the obvious decision is to stand pat and let him sign his 1 year tender and just keep him for another year.

          Personally I think we should just re-sign him. But who knows what the coach is thinking. Maybe if he signs his tender and stays out of trouble this season, they'll offer him a long-term deal again.