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    Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16 View Post
    texans playing a 3-4? yeah ok. is dom capers back or something?

    good luck with that....
    He is nevar leaving the Packars.
    St. Louis Rams GM


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      Washington Redskins

      Trade 1

      Washington Redskins trade 2nd Round pick to Jacksonville Jaguars for T Eben Britton.

      With this trade, we feel that our organization has filled a need at the Tackle position. Eben Britton was drafted in the second round of last years draft and started in 15 games last season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Seventh offensive lineman taken overall and first of second round Britton has ability to play both LT and RT as well as G. This moves frees up the #4 Overall Pick to address positions other than Tackle, while also getting a player at a much better price who has already proven that he is capable. We believe Britton is well suited to play in our system.

      Trade 2

      Washington Redskins trade Albert Haynesworth and 4th round pick to Baltimore Ravens for 1st Round pick #25


      After trading out of the second round we were looking to acquire another pick in the first round of this draft. Wanting to ensure that our entire team is on board as we move forward, we decided it would be best to move Albert Haynesworth and our fourth round pick to the Ravens in exchange for the 25th pick in the draft.
      2016 GM for the Buffalo Bills.


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        St. Louis Rams offseason

        Trade #1
        Rams send DT Adam Carriker to Cowboys for CB Terrance Newman
        Overview: Carriker has not been what we've expected as a 1st round pick, and with a stud like Ndamakong Suh waiting to be picked #1, we felt Carriker was expendable. In Newman we add a very solid veteran to pair up with Ron Bartell to give us a very nice 1-2 pair on the defensive back half.

        Trade #2
        Rams send DE Leonard Little, G Mark Setterstrom, and 3rd round pick to Philly for QB Kevin Kolb and S Quentin Demps
        Overview: Our #1 goal this offseason was to acquire a franchise caliber QB and we really feel we've accomplished this with Kolb. He fits our offense well and has tons of upside. Demps is a good safety to pair up with O.J. Atogwe to complete our backfield. Little is aging and Setterstrom is formidable at best, we felt it was a small price to pay for a young franchise signal caller and a starting safety

        Trade #3
        Rams send G Jason Brown to Green Bay for WR James Jones
        Overview: We wanted to add another weapon for Kolb and we feel we've accomplished this with Jones. He is the perfect compliment to Donnie Avery and is young with tons of upside.

        Trade #4
        Rams send WR Laurent Robinson to Patriots for thier 6th and 2 7th rounders
        Overview: Robinson is a guy we really didn't want to part with but with a deep class of WR's coming out, we felt he was expendable if we could get a couple of picks for him.

        Trade #5
        Rams send thier 6th rounder to Green Bay for TE Donald Lee
        Overview: We were desperate to add a TE at some point. Lee still has some game left IMO and we got him cheap. He should give us a solid red-zone threat and is a pretty good run-blocker as well.

        Trade #6
        Rams send thier 7th rounder to Denver for DT Marcus Thomas
        Overview: I really think Thomas has alot of upside for this price. He can be a rotational guy on our d-line and continues the trend of adding young players.

        Trade #7
        Rams send thier 5th and 7th round picks to New Orleans for DE Charles Grant
        Overview: We set out to add a pass rushing DE to pair up with Chris Long. Grant came cheap and is proven, we think we got a steal in this deal.

        Trade #8
        Rams send thier 2nd rounder to Cincinnati for thier 2nd and a 4th round pick
        Overview: We wanted to add some picks at this point as we traded plenty away for players. By moving down 10 spots in the 2nd we still feel there will be plenty of players on our big board at pick #43, and we add a 4th rounder in the process.

        Heading into the draft, we realize that we still need to add some o-linemen and d-linemen. Plus we will be looking for another WR and maybe look to fill possibly our biggest hole, OLB.


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          Dallas Cowboys

          Trade #1
          Dallas trade ILB Keith Brookings to the Jets for a 5th rd pick
          Overview: Keith was a good player for us, but this is the 2nd year that we have signed a older player to fill the void at our ILB spot. With the draft being pretty deep, we felt that now was the time to get younger.

          Trade #2
          Dallas trade CB Terence Newman to the Ram for DT Adam Carriker
          Overview: Terence was a very good CB for us, on and off the field. With the emergence of our younger CB's, we felt that trading Newman for Carriker was a fair deal. We are looking forward to using Adam at the 5tech/DE position. We felt that he was playing out of position as a DT. We feel that Adam still has a high sealing and we are expecting great things from him.

          Trade #3
          Dallas trade DE Marcus Spears to the Jaguars for a 3rd rd pick.
          Overview: We really like and appreciate what Marcus has done for us, but with the addition of Carriker, we chose not to match the offer sheet that the Jags signed Spears to.

          Trade #4
          Dallas trade WR Roy Williams to the Titans for a 5th rd pick
          Overview: Now this was one of the more questionable trades. When we made the trade with Detroit, we had the Super Bowl in mind. The last year in a half has not worked out for neither side. With the emergence of WR Miles Austin, we felt that now was the time to cut our loses. We like the direction our team is headed in, and we need everybody on the same page.

          Trade #5
          Dallas trade OG Montrae Holland to the Eagles for a 5th rd pick.
          Overview: Trading Holland was more about getting younger and possibly drafting a swing OG & OT.

          Trade #6
          Dallas trade Safety Pat Watkins to the Titans for RB Lendale White
          Overview: Pat Watkins feel out of favor with Owner Jerry Jones, and because of that, we were able to trade him for Lendale White. Lendale will replace Marion Barber as the Power Back. Lendale will not get the same amount of touches as Barber did, but he will get more than he did with the Titans.

          Trade #7
          Dallas trade their 3rd, 4th, & 6th rd picks to the Jaguars for their 3rd rd pick (2nd pick in the 3rd rd.)
          Overview: Since we made it to the playoffs, we are in the backend of the draft, and we needed to move up so that we could address one of our needs that may not be there at our original 3rd rd pick.

          Trade #8
          Dallas trade RB Marion Barber to the Steelers for their 4th & 5th rd pick and Antwaan Randle El
          Overview: This is one trade that i had mixed emotions about. I love Marion and appreciate what he has done for our organization. We agreed to this trade because Barber is coming of off 2 years back to back injuries, and we wanted to utilize Felix Jones and Tashard Choice more.

          Trade #9
          Dallas trade their 5th rd pick to the Dolphins for QB Tyler Thigpen.
          Overview: With us being so close to the NFC Championship game last year, we wanted to make sure that we had a backup QB that has starter experience, and who fits our system, and Tyler fits both. We were very impressed with Tyler when he was playing for the Chiefs. He is a young QB that is going into his 4th season in the NFL, and we are confident that if something was to happen to Romo, Tyler could step in and lead our team.


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            Trade #1

            Traded SS Jermaine Phillips & #153(5th) to the Eagles for #121(4th).

            Reasoning: Phillips is getting older and has lost a step in coverage. He is also coming of of a year in which he finished on the IR. Also right before this deal got done the Bucaneers signed S Sean Jones to a FA contract so that made Phillips expendable to our organization as we already had his replacement on the roster.

            Trade #2

            Traded WR Maurice Stovall to the Seahawks for #127(4th).

            Reasoning: Maurice has yet to live up to is potential here in Tampa Bay, and when the Seashawks came knocking with there offer we knew that it was the best thing for everyone involved. Maurice was going to have a very small roll on our team next season so he was moved and we feel like we got really fair compensation for him.

            Trade #3

            Traded QB Josh Johnson & #172(6th) to the Bills for #107(4th).

            Reasoning: Josh Johnson was going to be put on the back burner here in Tampa Bay because of the drafting of Josh Freeman in the first round a year ago. We felt that he has the potental to be a starter in the NFL, but he would only ever be back up here. So when the Bills thought that he could be there guy and they offered up a 4th round pick we sent him off to the Bills to compete for the starting QB job with them.

            Trade #4

            Traded #3(1st), #42(2nd), #210(7th) to the Raiders for #8(1st), #39(2nd), RB Michael Bush, and S Michael Huff.

            Reasoning: I feel that by tradeing back to #8 allows me to target a few different players in the draft while moving up a little in round two. I also added two young talented players to my roster. RB Michael Bush will come in day one and play a huge part in our RB rotation I feel like we now have a very solid trio of RB's to get the job done. S Michael Huff is a very talented player who just never put it together in Oakland, but he made progress last season and we feel that with our coaching he will build on that and be a nice new part of our secondary for years to come.

            Trade #5

            Traded Ernest Graham to the Broncos for #157(5th).

            Reasoning: With the addition of Michael Bush we needed to make room, and unfortunatly for Graham that meant that he needed to be moved. Also we feel that we got good value for a player who just never turned it on here in Tampa Bay.

            Trade #6

            Traded #39(2nd), #157(5th) to the Arizona for #58(2nd), #72(3rd).

            Reasoning: Traded down in the 2nd to add a high 3rd, allows me to fill another need in this very deep draft. And with this addition it leaves me with 5 picks in the top 75.

            See my sig for my picks by round.


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              April 9th, 2010
              NY Post
              Giants 2010 Off-Season Activity

              Interview Transcript

              As the tension heats up in the draft room at Giants HQ and the big board gets its final tweaks the Giants GM was apply to give the NY Post a run down of the Giants off season decisions.

              NY Post: Thank you for joining us today, we want to cut to the chase and want to know why the Giants didn't make any moves during the off season under your ownership.

              Giants GM: As the Giants GM along with Tom Coughlin and the rest of the Giants front office entered the free agency period we went in with the ideal of building through the draft and not jumping into trades and making drastic changes. We definitely had a list of players and teams that we were in contact with during the offseason but the phones eventually went dry and we felt like in order to get the players we were looking at we would have to give up too much in order to get what we were looking for. We assumed the mantra of less is more and wanted to keep the cohesiveness off the current Giants roster stable and only wanted to make a move if it proved necessary and a move that we thought would help us in our up coming season.

              NY Post: You mentioned the "cohesiveness" of your team, with that topic being brought up can you comment on the current status of the relationship between Osi Umenyiora and the Giants. We at the NY Post along with several other media outlets know that there have been grumblings on both sides and that your front office was fielding offers for Mr. Umenyiora? Can you comment on these issues?

              Giants GM: Our team took some big hits this past season with injuries and with disagreements between players as well as disagreements between coaches and players. However, even with these issues, we as the Giants were still able to remain competitive in the fierce NFC East. We believe we have solved these issues on and off the field and we want to move forward and not add to these past trouble by breaking up members of the team. We believe we still have a championship caliber team and we believe that with a couple key players we will again be competing for a 4th Super Bowl title. On the topic of Osi, we have met with him off the field and we believe that we have solved are issues and both parties want to move forward and both hope to have successful futures together down the road. As far as fielding offers for Osi, The Giants front office phones are always ringing and we will listen to all offers, but we believe we have a strong front office and we will continue to make sound decisions now and in the future that we think our best for our team.

              NY Post: As you prepare for the draft can you give us any inside information about the direction you are heading. We know you have needs on both sides of the ball (OT, OG, QB, TE, MLB, DT, S) what should Giants fans be expecting from your front office during the 2010 draft?

              Giants GM: We don't want to tip our hand to what we will be going after, especially in the early rounds; but we are looking for players on both sides of the ball that can come in right away and make an immediate impact! This draft class is very deep and we have a lot of players on are big board that we are very excited about that we believe will be there when it is our turn to pick.

              NY Post: Any other news or note from Giants HQ that you would like to comment on?

              Giants GM: The Giants are highly anticipating this next season and want to go out there and bring another championship to the great state of New York. We are very excited to be opening and playing in our new stadium as the BEST TEAM IN NEW YORK and want to put out a better effort than what was shown last season. Every facet of our organization was disappointed with the end result of last season. We are looking to move forward and draft some impact players and we can't wait to get into camp and prepare for the 2010 Season!

              NY Post: Thank you for your time.


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                Pittsburgh Steelers Acquired: Marion Barber III in a trade. Sending Randle-El and two mid-round draft picks.

                The Steelers decided it was time to move on. The Willie Parker era has set. Tomlin is ready to hand the offense over to R-Mendenhall. However, PIT wanted insurance in the 'just-in-case' scenarion. With this in mind, they sought to bring in a banging-bruiser type runner, who fit the power-running mold. MB3 epitomizes what PIT is all about- smash-mouth football.

                Steelers already have a pair of young, talented WRs. They also have a proven vet in Hines Ward. They also had 10 draft picks. They still retain 8 picks, and get a horse in MB3 without having to deal away a pick in the first 3 rounds.
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                    1. The Lions trade Their 4th rd selection to the Jaguars for Saftey Reggie Nelson.

                    Reasoning: A young Saftey drafted in the 1st rd just 3 years ago with so much upside. A move out of the state of Florida and a chance to start next to young stud Louis Delmas could be all this kid needs. The Lions would have gotten nobody nearly as talented in the 4th rd of the draft.

                    2. The Lions trade OLB Julian Peterson to the Cardinals for OT Mike Gandy and a 4th rd pick.

                    Reasoning: Peterson set to be a free agent at seasons end is sure to walk. We were able to replenish the 4th rd pick we had traded and add a veteran OT in Mike Gandy that is at least as good as any Tackle we have.

                    3. The Lions send Bryant Johnson and a 7th rd pick to Da Bears for CB Charles Tillman.

                    Reasoning: This one is pretty simple. The Lions have no Corners worthy of starting & no Need for Johnson with Megatron and the signing of Nate Burleson. Tillman brings a solid veteran presence to the Lions young Secondary.

                    4. The Lions send their 3rd rd pick to the Patriots for OT Nick Kazcur and wr Julian edleman

                    Reasoning: We were able to add a very solid proven Lineman to help protect the Franchise & in addition we got the perfect weapon to work underneath and give Stafford a security blanket.

                    5. With the #2 overall choice the Lions select DT Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma.

                    Reasoning: After addressing the offensive line in the off season and with Stafford already on board the only choice here was McCoy. What a great choice it was too.

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                      Finally got a write up done :salute!:

                      -ESPN's Adam Schefter recently sat down with new Indianapolis Colts General Manager, KnockoutOrton8, to talk about his stint in St. Louis and his promotion to Indy GM.

                      How are you doing today KO8?

                      I'm doing fine thanks.

                      Okay, talk to us about your stint in St. Louis.

                      Well my stint in St. Louis was great, and KWHIT97 was generous enough to allow me on board after I missed the inital sign up date. During my time in St. Louis me and KWHIT were able to get many trades done that helped the Rams in a great way, and he is a great person to work with, very personable and open to trade ideas.

                      So why did you decide to leave St. Louis for Indianapolis on the first day of the draft?

                      Well it wasn't an easy decision, but a call came in from Indy and seeing as they were in huge need of a GM I had to take the opportunity. Indy is a great team, so I am very happy to be here and in control for the draft.

                      Now you weren't able to make any moves in Free Agency, do you think that'll hurt your team in the long run?

                      No I don't personally think so, because we got a good team going here in Indy. We have a couple of holes sure, but every team does and we look to address those in the draft. We usually are never really that active in FA, and this year obviously was no different. We prefer to build our team through the draft, and this draft is no exception especially when you consider how deep this draft class is. The depth in this class is absolutely amazing, and there are amazing players to be had in every single round. After the draft is all said and done, our team will be a stronger unit and will make another push at the Super Bowl, and try to bring back the Lombardi to Indy and the AFC.

                      Who would you have liked to get in FA?

                      It's hard to say really, but Free Agency is over and now it's time to focus on the draft.

                      Thank you for your time, KnockoutOrton.

                      Thank you, take care.
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