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The 2010 Broncomania Draft Selection Headquarters

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  • The 2010 Broncomania Draft Selection Headquarters

    2010 Broncomania Draft Order

    ROUND 1

    1(1) St. Louis Rams Ndamakong Suh DT
    2(2) Detroit Lions Gerald McCoy DT
    3(3) Oakland Raiders Russell Okung T
    4(4) Washington Redskins Sam Bradford QB
    5(5) Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry S
    6(6) Seattle Seahawks CJ Spiller RB
    7(7) Cleveland Browns Earl Thomas S
    8(8) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dez Bryant WR
    9(9) Buffalo Bills Trent Williams T
    10(10) New England Patriots Jared Odrick DT/DE
    11(11) Denver Broncos Dan Williams DT
    12(12) Miami Dolphins Jason Pierre Paul DE/OLB
    13(13) San Francisco 49ers Jimmy Clausen QB
    14(14) Seattle Seahawks Bryan Bulaga T
    15(15) New York Giants Rolando McClain LB
    16(16) Tennessee Titans Derrick Morgan DE
    17(17) San Francisco 49ers Joe Haden CB
    18(18) Pittsburgh Steelers Maurkice Pouncey C
    19(19) Atlanta Falcons Sean Weatherspoon LB
    20(20) Houston Texans Kyle Wilson CB
    21(21) New York Jets Sergio Kindle OLB/DE
    22(22) New England Patriots Brandon Graham OLB/DE
    23(23) Baltimore Ravens Mike Iupati G
    24(24) Philadelphia Eagles Anthony Davis T
    25(25) Washington Redskins Arrelious Benn WR
    26(26) Buffalo Bills Terrence Cody DT
    27(27) Dallas Cowboys Demaryius Thomas WR
    28(28) San Diego Chargers Ryan Mathews RB
    29(29) Oakland Raiders Patrick Robinson CB
    30(30) Minnesota Vikings Everson Griffen DE
    31(31) Indianapolis Colts Kareem Jackson CB
    32(32) New Orleans Saints Carlos Dunlap DE

    ROUND 2

    1(33) Cincinatti Bengals Taylor Mays S
    2(34) Detroit Lions Jahvid Best RB
    3(35) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Brian Price DT
    4(36) Kansas City Chiefs Golden Tate WR
    5(37) Jacksonville Jaguars Tim Tebow QB??
    6(38) Green Bay Packers Charles Brown T
    7(39) Arizona Cardinals Devin McCourty
    8(40) Seattle Seahawks Bruce Campbell T
    9(41) Philadelphia Eagles Daryl Washington LB
    10(42) Oakland Raiders Colt McCoy QB
    11(43) Miami Dolphins Marty Gilyard WR
    12(44) New England Patriots Jermaine Gresham TE
    13(45) St Louis Rams Damian Williams WR
    14(46) New York Giants Tyson Alualu DT
    15(47) New England Patriots Brandon Ghee CB
    16(48) Carolina Panthers Brandon Lafell WR
    17(49) Buffalo Bills Nate Allen FS
    18(50) Kansas City Chiefs Rodge Saffold T
    19(51) Buffalo Bills Jerry Hughes OLB/DE
    20(52) Pittsburgh Steelers Lamar Houston DE/DT
    21(53) New England Patriots Vladimir Ducasse T/G
    22(54) Cincinnati Bengals Jon Asamoah G
    23(55) Philadelphia Eagles Morgan Burnett S
    24(56) Cleveland Browns Carlton Mitchell WR
    25(57) Denver Broncos J.D. Walton C
    26(58) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Navorro Bowman
    27(59) Dallas Cowboys Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB
    28(60) New England Patriots Eric Decker WR
    29(61) Cincinatti Bengals Andre Roberts
    30(62) Minnesota Vikings 11 PM TUES
    31(63) Indianapolis Colts 12 AM WED
    32(64) New Orleans Saints 1 AM WED

    ROUND 3

    1(65) Philadelphia Eagles from St. Louis Rams
    2(66) Dallas Cowboys from Jacksonville through Patriots via Detroit
    3(67) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    4(68) Chicago Bears from Kansas City Chiefs
    5(69) Green Bay Packers from Oakland Raiders
    6(70) Philadelphia Eagles from Seattle
    7(71) Cleveland Browns
    8(72) Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Arizona through Buffalo
    9(73) Miami Dolphins
    10(74) Dallas Cowboys from Jacksonville Jaguars
    11(75) Chicago Bears
    12(76) New York Giants
    13(77) Tennessee Titans
    14(78) Carolina Panthers
    15(79) San Francisco 49ers
    16(80) Denver Broncos
    17(81) Buffalo Bills
    18(82) Pittsburgh Steelers
    19(83) Atlanta Falcons
    20(84) Houston Texans from Cincinnati Bengals
    21(85) Green Bay Packers from Cleveland through New England via Oakland
    22(86) Green Bay Packers
    23(87) Philadelphia Eagles
    24(88) Jacksonville Jaguars from Arizona through Baltimore
    25(89) Arizona Cardinals
    26(90) Jacksonville Jaguars from Dallas Cowboys
    27(91) Cleveland Browns from San Diego Chargers
    28(92) Philadelphia Eagles from Cleveland through NY Jets
    29(93) Minnesota Vikings
    30(94) Indianapolis Colts
    31(95) New Orleans Saints

    ROUND 4

    1(96) St. Louis Rams
    2(97) Denver Broncos from Jacksonville through Detroit
    3(98) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    4(99) Kansas City Chiefs
    5(100) Baltimore Ravens from Washington Redskins
    6(101) Seattle Seahawks
    7(102) Cleveland Browns
    8(103) Philadelphia Eagles from Oakland Raiders
    9(104) Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Buffalo Bills
    10(105) Arizona Cardinals from Jacksonville Jaguars
    11(106) Chicago Bears
    12(107) Miami Dolphins
    13(108) Tennessee Titans
    14(109) Carolina Panthers
    15(110) San Francisco 49ers
    16(111) Denver Broncos
    17(112) New York Giants
    18(113) Dallas Cowboys from Pittsburgh Steelers
    19(114) Jacksonville from Atlanta
    20(115) San Diego Chargers from New England through Houston
    21(116) Jacksonville from New England
    22(117) St. Louis Rams from Cincinnati Bengals
    23(118) Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Philadelphia Eagles
    24(119) Minnesota Vikings from Atlanta Falcons through Green Bay
    25(120) Detriot Lions from Arizona Cardinals via Baltimore
    26(121) New York Jets from Arizona
    27(122) Arizona Cardinals from Jacksonville through Dallas
    28(123) San Diego Chargers
    29(124) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Seattle Seahawks from NY Jets through Philadelphia)
    30(125) Minnesota Vikings
    31(126) Indianapolis Colts
    32(127) New Orleans Saints

    ROUND 5

    1(128) New Orleans Saints from St. Louis Rams
    2(129) Seattle Seahawks from Detroit
    3(130) Green Bay Packers from Cleveland through Tampa Bay
    4(131) Washington Redskins
    5(132) Kansas City Chiefs
    6(133) Cleveland Browns
    7(134) Oakland Raiders
    8(135) Seattle Seahawks
    9(136) Philadelphia Eagles from 49ers through Buffalo
    10(137) Chicago Bears
    11(138) Kansas City Chiefs from Miami
    12(139) Denver Broncos from Jacksonville Jaguars
    13(140) Kansas City Chiefs from Carolina
    14(141) Tennessee Titans from San Francisco 49ers
    15(142) Cleveland Browns from Denver through Detroit
    16(143) New York Giants
    17(144) Tennessee Titans
    18(145) Atlanta Falcons
    19(146) Houston Texans
    20(147) Dallas Cowboys from Pittsburgh Steelers
    21(148) Cincinnati Bengals
    22(149) Dallas Cowboys from Eagles through Tampa Bay via New England
    23(150) Green Bay Packers
    24(151) Dallas Cowboys from Jets through Philadelphia
    25(152) Arizona Cardinals from Tampa Bay through Denver via Baltimore
    26(153) Baltimore Ravens from Arizona
    27(154) Oakland Raiders from Dallas through New England and Denver
    28(155) San Diego Chargers
    29(156) Cleveland Browns from NY Jets
    30(157) Minnesota Vikings
    31(158) Indianapolis Colts
    32(159) St. Louis Rams from New Orleans through Philadelphia

    ROUND 6

    1(160) Green Bay Packers from St. Louis Rams
    2(161) Atlanta Falcons from Detroit
    3(162) Buffalo Bills from Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    4(163) Miami Dolphins from Kansas City
    5(164) Miami Dolphins from Washington
    6(165) Carolina Panthers from Oakland
    7(166) Seattle Seahawks
    8(167) Philadelphia Eagles from San Diego Chargers through Cleveland Browns
    9(168) Buffalo Bills
    10(169) Miami Dolphins
    11(170) Jacksonville Jaguars
    12(171) Chicago Bears
    13(172) San Francisco 49ers
    14(173) Baltimore Ravens from Denver Broncos
    15(174) New York Giants
    16(175) Tennessee Titans
    17(176) Cleveland Browns from Carolina
    18(177) Houston Texans
    19(178) Pittsburgh Steelers
    20(179) Atlanta Falcons
    21(180) St. Louis Rams from New England Patriots
    22(181) Cincinnati Bengals
    23(182) Buffalo Bills from Philadelphia
    24(183) Atlanta Falcons from Green Bay Packers
    25(184) Jacksonville Jaguars fromBaltimore Ravens
    26(185) Atlanta Falcons from Arizona Cardinals
    27(186) Jacksonville Jaguars from Dallas Cowboys
    28(187) Houston Texans from San Diego
    29(188) New York Jets
    30(189) Minnesota Vikings
    31(190) Cleveland Browns via Philadelphia Eagles from Indianapolis
    32(191) Oakland Raiders from New Orleans Saints

    This is where the official draft selections will be made for those who participated in the the 2010 Broncomania GM Game. Each selecting GM will be given 3 hours to select in the first round. However, I expect most GM's to be awaiting for their pick and their selection to be made promptly. I have also posted the official draft order, which will be amended once the 3 trades I have listed in question, have been corrected. I also encourage all owners to not give up hope once past the first couple rounds. A bunch of GM's traded into the lower half of this draft class for a reason. Let them make their selections by keep up with the game. I expect people not only to be active, by posting their picks, but also but discussing others picks in the "Trade and Free Agency" thread.

    Without further adieu....

    The St. Louis Ram are now on the clock....
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    New England Patriots GM

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    With the 1st pick in the 2010 NFL Draft
    The St. Louis Rams select

    DT Ndamukong Suh Nebraska


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      With the 2nd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft
      The Detroit Lions select

      DT Gerald McCoy Oklahoma
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      New England Patriots GM


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        With the 3rd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft
        The Oakland Raiders select

        OT Russell Okung Oklahoma State
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          With the 4th pick of the draft, the Washington Redskins select

          Sam Bradford, University of Oklahoma.
          2016 GM for the Buffalo Bills.


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            With the 5th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select
            S Eric Berry Tennessee
            New England Patriots GM


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              Well, shiver me timbers and slap me on the ass with a piece of bacon! It's draft time again folks. This is your draft analyzer MUG Mayock back another year to belittle drafting GMs around the NFL for their ineptitude, and of course, toss a nugget of praise every now and then. I'll be stopping in every 5 selections or so with a recap until we get into the mid-rounds of the draft, so lets get this show started!

              1. St. Louis Rams select DT Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska

              Similar to last year, the #1 selection goes to a non-QB. At least this year, it made sense (Aaron Curry #1 Overall, what?). The problem here, and it's a problem that simply could not be avoided, is that Suh now joins Albert Haynesworth and Julius Peppers as the highest paid D-linemen in the NFL. All without playing a down. Theoretically, a QB could receive #1 Overall money and still outplay his contract. A DT will never earn this amount of coin. Even if Suh is the best DT in the NFL, it still won't equate to this dollar value. We've seen that this offseason with Albert Haynesworth and the regret surrounding his contract from last year. So, St. Louis was in a tough spot. If you're picking #1, there's really only a handful of positions that can ever pray to earn that money, specifically QB, LT, and RDE in a 4-3, and that last one is pushing it a little. St. Louis pulled off a steal in acquiring Kevin Kolb from the Eagles, obviously he is the QB of the future. They don't need a LT having taken Smith last year, and this is too early for either Paul or Morgan. Ideally, they should have traded back if at all possible, but that's a difficult trade to make because nobody, unless they need a QB, really wants that #1 pick. Faced with all these obstacles, and the trade of Carriker for Newman, I feel the Rams made the best selection they could in the circumstances. It also helps that they have a head coach whom can certainly make the most of Suh's talents. Regardless though, taking a DT at #1 overall is never good value because it is basically an impossibility to earn the worth of that contract from that position.

              Selection Grade: B

              2. Detroit Lions select DT Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma

              This selection checks in around 10-15 million less than the #1, which makes it a little better value to draft a non-QB, LT, or RDE. Still, it's going to be very difficult for a DT to even earn this money, even one as talented as McCoy. The Lions did not need a QB though, there is no RDE worth taking this high, and it is debateable if they truly need a LT. Their head coach is on record for two seasons straight now saying he felt Jeff Backus played at a Pro Bowl level. Meanwhile, the need at DT is fairly severe. Rookie Sammie Lee Hill showed potential last year, though he was overwhelmed. The Lions also brought in Corey Williams from the Browns to help shore up the position and to possibly give them options in regard to a trade down. The Lions have the absolute worst secondary in the NFL, so my opinion is that they should have traded down if at all possible and nabbed Haden, Berry, or Thomas. However, assuming they were stuck at #2, where the value would be even worse for a CB or S, I think they made the best selection possible. Ndamukong Suh would have been more ideal for Schwartz's scheme, but alas, the Rams snagged him.

              Selection Grade: B+

              3. The Oakland Raiders select OT Russell Okung from Oklahoma State

              Well, my first reaction is to go hunt for Al Davis' body because obviously he must be dead having made a selection not based off size and speed. The Raiders line was atrocious last year, though a lot of that had to do JaMarcus Russell's shortcomings. It's hard to get a read on if Mario Henderson is as good as Al Davis thinks/thought he is/was, but now he'll be moving to the right side to make room for Okung. The Raiders run a ZBS which favors athleticism, so there is a legitimate debate as to whether OT Trent Williams might have been a better fit. He certainly is more versatile. However, maybe Al took a page from Mike Shanahan's book where even if you run the ZBS, you still take the best blocking LT if you get the chance. Mike did it with Clady, Al just did it with Russell. Now, in terms of positional value and draft value, this is the best selection to this point. LT's are a premium position and the money at #3 Overall is likely to be earned, though it's certainly not a bargain. I do wonder about the Raiders' stubborness in not admitting the mistake with Russell. It's unlikely Mike Vick is really a long, or short, term answer. There were two elite QBs sitting there for the Raiders to take and turn their franchise around. For all the solid value of a LT, a franchise QB is worth much more. Okung is a solid selection, but was he the right one? I'm not so sure.

              Grade: A-

              4. The Washington Redskins select QB Sam Bradford from Oklahoma

              Washington had to be as happy as a pig in poop that Bradford dropped. I don't think he's better than Jimmy Clausen, but Bradford's relationship with the Washington team is well documented. I think this is a best case scenario from both Washington and Sam's point of view. The 'Skins weren't overly active in the offseason, though they pulled off a couple nice moves, drafting Bradford here and keeping Campbell allows them to work Sam in slowly, a nice concept since he basically missed playing football in 2009. In terms of draft value, this is a great selection. A franchise caliber QB has a good chance to outperform the #4 overall contract. The team wasn't really in dire straits after their acquisition of OT Eben Britton to address the OT position. This was a best case scenario selection.

              Grade: A+

              5. The Kansas City Chiefs select S Eric Berry from Tennessee

              This is the first selection I don't like. The positional value for drafting a Safety, even one as talented as Berry, this high is not even close to reasonable. This selection probably makes Berry the highest paid Safety in NFL history, or if not, very close, and Safety is traditionally one of the cheaper positions on a football team. So, the cost value here is terrible. The draft value is also poor. This is a very deep Safety draft with some near elite talent destined to still be there in the 2nd Round. I don't get it. I know the Chiefs' secondary is poor. And maybe Berry bucks the NFL historical trend of not having Top 10 drafted Safeties ever work out, but I think there were better options available. Obviously the new Chiefs GM does not share the same philosophy as the old Chiefs' GM, Scott Pioli, whom was overheard talking in a conversation with his friend, Atlanta's former GM, Thomas Dmitrioff, that Safety is a terrible value in the Top 10. With the Chiefs having only addressed the TE position in the offseason, though they did that quite well, they still had plenty of holes that could be filled. I stand firm that Brandon Albert will be quite fine as a LT in the NFL, he showed solid improvement over the last half of the season, so I don't believe LT is a need. I think better prospects to take at this point would have included Jimmy Clausen, Dez Bryant, or Dan Williams. With no CBA and Cassel's contract providing an out clause after next season, drafting Clausen makes a ton of sense. His upside is much, much higher than Cassel's, plus you know Charlie Weis is banging the drum for him. At NT, the team doesn't really have one. Edwards is subpar, and Williams could have locked down that position for a long time, arguably the most important position in a 34 defense. Finally, with a haphazard receiver corps, with really only one legitimate talent in Bowe, Dez Bryant would have been the ideal deep threat to compliement Bowe and eventually overtake the very inconsistent Chris Chambers. I would have given a high grade for any of these players. Regardless, at least you did get a potential playmaker at a position of need.

              Grade: C


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                With the 6th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft
                The Seatle Seahawks select

                RB C.J. Spiller Clemson


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                  With the seventh pick of the Broncomania GM Mock Draft

                  The Cleveland Browns select

                  S/CB Earl Thomas- Texas
                  The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

                  The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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                    With the 8th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft
                    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select

                    WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
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                      With the 9th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft
                      The Buffalo Bills select

                      OT Trent Williams Oklahoma


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                        With the 10th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft
                        The New England Patriots select

                        DE/DT Jared Odrick Penn State
                        New England Patriots GM


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                          With the 11st pick in the 2010 NFL Draft
                          The Denver Broncos select

                          DT Dan Williams Tennessee
                          New England Patriots GM


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                            MUG Mayock weighing in on selections 6-10. There is still some grade-A beef available so lets get to it and see what happens for these next five selections.

                            6. Seattle Seahawks select RB CJ Spiller from Clemson

                            This is too early for Spiller in my opinion, and I'm not sure why the Seahawks felt inclined to snag him at this point taking all factors into consideration. First, lets talk about Spiller. Very rarely do RBs get taken in the Top 10, and even rarer do small RBs get taken in the Top 10. Nobody, anywhere, will make an argument that Spiller is a bellcow RB. He's a committee guy with elite speed, solid hands, and is electric on returns. So, we're talking about Reggie Bush or Jahvid Best. For reasons unbeknownst to me, Spiller appears to be much more popular than Best, though I see the same player. We should learn from the Reggie Bush fiasco though, and I really liked how Charley Casserly broke it down a few days ago on Path to the Draft, when he was discussing why he did not choose Bush. The player is only good for 15-20 snaps a game including returns. Why spend top resources on that when you could get a player that can impact the game on every snap. I agree with that attitude. The 'Hawks already have a committee speed back in Forsett. There is no doubt Spiller is better, but they picked up Alex Gibbs to run the ZBS, and as we've seen in Denver, Atlanta, and Houston, you don't need an elite RB to be massively successful with that blocking scheme. But you do need an elite LT. In Atlanta, they took Sam Baker in the 1st to anchor the line. In Houston, they took Duane Brown in the 1st. I would argue the prototype ZBS LT was available in Trent Williams and he should have been the pick. The draft value and monetary cost would also have measured up much better with that position. Still, CJ Spiller should be an impact player if they find someone to block for him.

                            Grade: C

                            7. Cleveland Browns select S Earl Thomas from Texas

                            This is basically a repeat of my review of the Eric Berry selection. The value is a smidgen better at #7 than #5, but not by much. I understand that Safety is a huge need for the team, but this is a very deep Safety draft, massively deep. They could have addressed bigger needs at this point, including QB. Jimmy Clausen is a monumental upgrade over anything currently on the roster. I believe he is the best QB in this draft, and one of the better prospects to come along at the position as of late. His toe injury kept him from opening eyes until late, but he would have been a stellar pick up at this point. I also believe Jared Odrick, Dan Williams, or Joe Haden would have presented better value than a Safety at this point, though each is less of a need area. Finally, a dynamic WR like Dez Bryant could have really opened up the offense as well. He could push MoMass to #2, Robiskie could work in the slot, and the corps would really be upgraded. I think Clausen should have been the pick though, he's five times the prospect Brady Quinn was, and the value of getting a franchise caliber QB at #7 is tremendous. The chances of Earl Thomas ever truly earning his contract are small because being one of the best safeties in the NFL gets you to break about even.

                            Grade: C+

                            8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select WR Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State

                            Okay, so at this point, half of the draft picks have come from the state of Oklahoma. What the hell are they putting in that water? On a serious note, this is an incredible selection in my mind. The draft value is about right for a dynamic #1 WR, but what makes it so brilliant is that it also addresses the most dire need on the team. This is an example of the draft falling just right, even though the GM of the Bucs made it happen with an excellent trade down once it appeared that neither of the DTs would last until the 3rd selection. And while the Bucs may need a LT with the Donald Penn weight issues still being resolved, Penn is a solid LT if he can keep the pounds right. I'm sure the Bucs thought about Joe Haden, Jared Odrick, Dan Williams, and Derrick Morgan, but in the end they made the right decision. A franchise QB needs a franchise WR to throw to. The risk with Bryant is overblown, and he appears to have a chip on his shoulder from all the crap he's been taking. I think the Bucs, while maybe not getting a steal, certainly got an ideal prospect despite a little risk.

                            Grade: A

                            9. Buffalo Bills select OT Trent Williams from Oklahoma

                            Ok, seriously, what is in that water??? At least half of the first 10 prospects are from Oklahoma teams. This is a very good selection for Buffalo. After the abrupt retirement of Butler, the team was left in a lurch in regards to their OTs. Nabbing one of the better OTs in college football from the past two seasons here is a nice get. Buffalo runs more of a power blocking scheme I believe, so it isn't quite a perfect fit to take advantage of Williams' athleticism, but he was easily the best OT still on the board with the questions surrounding Bulaga and Davis, as well as the risk surrounding Campbell. Williams should be able to step in from Day 1 and solidify the left side of the Bills' line. However, similar to my evaluation of the Raiders' pick, I'm not sure the stud LT was the way to go when the team in question still needs a franchise signal caller. Getting Jimmy Clausen at #9 to me would be a massive steal. We saw this last year when Mark Sanchez slipped in this draft, GMs tend to underappreciate the late rising Junior QBs. I know there are concerns with Clausen's smaller hand size and the cold weather in Buffalo, but I think he would have brought instant success to the team. He's ready to start now. Still, getting a stud OT is a damn fine pick.

                            Grade: A-

                            10. The New England Patriots select DT Jared Odrick from Penn State

                            Similar to the Tampa Bay selection, I feel this is a perfect marriage of value and dire team need. The Pats have an aging Ty Warren at DE and little else. This was by far their biggest need, despite having quite a few, and they filled it with an absolute prototype at the position. The draft value is about right, it's a premium to pay for sure, but the fit and talent is flawless. I've said all along, if Tyson Jackson can go #3 Overall last draft, and Odrick clobbers him in every possible comparison, than Odrick at this point is a great value. With Dez Bryant gone, QB not really a need, and Vince Wilfork in the long term plans, the other top prospects were not really under consideration. The only other thought probably was Joe Haden. After the questionable trade where they jettisoned their top CB from last season, and due to their annual aerial battles with the Colts, maintaining and improving the CB position has to be a top concern, as does pass rush, which Odrick will assist with. The beauty of Odrick is that he can stop the run and pressure the QB all from the downline, a rare feat for a 5 tech, and with already being physically developed and having outstanding hand technique, he'll be ready to start from Day 1.

                            Grade: A


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                              With the 12th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft
                              The Miami Dolphins select

                              DE/OLB Jason Pierre Paul USF
                              New England Patriots GM