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Which do you like better? The NFL Draft or Christmas?

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    haha. draft for sure....

    honestly the draft is my favorite day of the year. every year. the week leading up to it is dreadful in school.

    this year im going to skip school on thursday and friday whoop


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      Move over Santa........the only trouble with the draft is, you can't exchange the picks in a reasonable timeframe.


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        I chose the birthday of my Lord and Savior!
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          Originally posted by Southstander View Post
          I chose the birthday of my Lord and Savior!
          So true.I chose the draft because its in the spring and more important Christmas has become to commercialized.People still think its about Santa.Read CHRISTmas.


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            Originally posted by D_Broncs_913 View Post
            Both. Its just to or football.....
            Actually the best is thanskiving when the bronocs play!!! Food, family, bronocs!!!


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              ...all the way. For me, I am a grown man at the ripe old age of 26 (in 2 weeks). Oh by the way, my birthday is April 23rd. It is during the draft. So i have 2 reasons to celebrate.

              I hope i have a good birthday filled with great picks such as Odrick, Pouncey or Williams.

              Well back to the draft being better. Christmas isnt that great for me cause i spend alot of money for my son, wife and now i will have another son in Sept. So Christmas will be even more expensive this year. I dont get anything cause i am the man of the house and now only the kids and wife get stuff.

              My presents come during income tax season when i get lump sums of money and can buy a car, boat or electronics for my "man room".
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                I hate when the offseason is exciting, It pretty much means your regular season wasn't the best. I prefer a exciting regular season and a very boring offseason!!!

                I picked christmas...friends, family and football season...can't beat that!!!
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                  Dancing naked around a bonfire for the Winter Solstice can get weird but fun nonetheless. Still wouldn't trade it for Draft Weekend.


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                    Hmmm.... NDBroncosFan has a good point... if it's Christmas that means it's football season... Never thought about that