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    Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
    That doesn't make Williams better. Overall, Davis had a more solid season than Williams. Davis did however take far fewer snaps (roughly half).
    Davis really faded towards the end of the season... pretty much right along with our whole run D. I think when the coaches took a close look at that film they didn't particularly like what they saw from him. Given that Haggan is also a two-down guy, can play inside and has younger legs, I think it was a relatively easy decision to make.

    That being said, he was a great locker room guy and a solid contributor for the first 8-10 games.

    As for Williams - he's a great athlete but his instincts and leadership are iffy. I don't think we get particularly good value for money on his contract.


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      Originally posted by newmexbronco View Post
      D'Qwell Jackson isn't a big fan of the new Cleveland regime.

      If he keeps telling people that, eventually Mike Holmgren will get sick of hearing about it.

      With a dearth of real 3-4 ILB prospects in this years draft, a top notch 26-year-old might be worth an earlier pick than many suspect.

      Additional, teams that run a 4-3 could look at Jackson as a possibility for MLB or WLB.

      Price Tag: third/fourth-round draft pick

      why not get him andre davis did well with us why not get him
      He wants a new contract and is a RESTRICTED free agent. he was tagged for a second round pick. So, his price tag is not a third/fourth round draft pick. His price tag is a second round pick as he is a RESTRICTED free agent.
      The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

      The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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        Until we got Quinn many thought we would trade Scheff and/or Marshall to Cleveland for some picks or players, but since they were not part of the initial trade Ive heard many say that it wont probably happen.

        Still I know Shanny is having trouble with his start DT who wants to go to a 4-3 system. Things change more problems arise
        2016 Draft:


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          he is tendered at a 2 round but we should offer them a third round pick.