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2010 Broncomania GM Draft Results

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    After giving this some more thought, I have decided on a final grading pattern. With the amount of time required for the Free Agency portion of this game, I feel it has to be counted equal to the drafting portion of the game. There is just no way around this. For the people/teams that did not participate in the Free Agency portion, you get the F, and it is going to hurt. I apologize to the GMs that picked up an abandoned team late in the process, but there is no way around this. This game is all about strategy, time investment, and building the best team. GMs must be willing to explore every possible avenue, and it sets a negative precedent for forthcoming years if we don't punish the hell out of GMs that halfass the Free Agency portion of the game. For this year, as long as you made at least two trades, you weren't punished. Next year, I think I'll require at least three.

    So, here's the Grading Scale:

    Free Agency: 50%
    Draft: 50%

    Then I am going to do a personal Push/Pull up to one letter grade. What this means is that I will look at the entirety of your efforts and analyze whether you have improved your team overall, remained status quo, or gotten worse. If I feel you have improved your team, your final grade will go up half a letter grade. If I feel you have really improved your team, your final grade will go up a full letter grade. And vice versa if I feel you have made your team worse. If I feel the team has remained status quo despite all the moves, there will be no change in the final grade.

    I feel this is the best approach to grade the game and make sure everything is fair. I will provide a detailed final analysis along with each team's final grade. I expect the process will take some time to complete. I will start tomorrow. I will not post it until all 32 teams are done.


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      Once again I can't really disagree with MUG's grading for my team the Packers.

      The only thing I'm slightly against is the RL grading of picks. For example, Clausen went 13th (I think) in our game, but 48th in real life, despite the fact he's the best QB in the draft and should've been a top 15 or so pick. On the retrospective, it now looks like SF got poor value for Clausen since IRL some stupid GMs passed on him.

      I guess there is no real way around this, unless of course you subsituted your own rankings/big board in MUG, but then again it's covered in your own analysis.

      Ah well, thanks for the analysis as well as the time and effort you've put in and I'm looking forward to see the overall grades at the end.
      St. Louis Rams GM


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        sounds like a good format.....this game keeps evolving pretty good.....i could get a D and honestly its just a game thats i cant wait till next year to prove that talking head MUG mayock wrong


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          Alright, final results are up and done here: