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  • Dwyer,Micah,Holliday or Leroy Vann in the 6th please McD
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    • Although I had hoped to see more focus on defensive front 7... I can't complain about our picks. I am often very critical of McD's and am glad we solidified the off line. I believe we got some ready-to-work guys to come in and play hard (not just cuz McD's said it).

      I can't say that I quite agree with the E Decker pick based on our deficiencies on defense, but I know McD's drafted according to who was highest on our board... which makes sense. I love Decker as a player but it makes me wonder still what Eddie Royal's role will be...

      Love that J.D. Walton fell to us... I really thought Zane would move to center when we drafted him, but it looks like we have a big, strong guy in the middle and someone who can compete at the guard position in Zane.

      I like the D Thomas pick - just not that we traded up 2 spots to get him. He will need to develop his route game.

      Heard good things about Perrish Cox... good pick based on value...

      All in all - would grade McD's and Xanders: B-
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      • he will be a tackle? i heard he was pretty good there.

        Im ron burgandy?
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        • Originally posted by JayJack View Post
          He doesn't fit what McD likes in a player. He was suspended for Oklahoma St. Bowl game because he was late for curfew.
          Oh god.... Are you trying to tell me we just drafted a guy who was late for curfew once? Crappp! What a wasted draft pick...

          He's one strike away from Goodell suspending him for a whole season!