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    Originally posted by DarkHorse26 View Post
    We all ready paid him a $500,000 signing bonus on his 2 year contract. Lloyd is pretty much a lock.
    $500K is not really any kind of statement towards a roster spot. I remember Shanny giving TE Weaver (think that was the name) 1MM signing bonus and cutting him.

    Josh will take the best 5 or 6 WRs, and the last guy better have ST value.

    R Ayers - B Cofield - A Haynesworth - CJ ohnson
    J Anderson - J Beason - DJ Williams
    R Bailey - P Amukamara - R Hill - A Goodman


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      Good point. If only I could say that throwing away 500k didnt matter...

      Defense wins championships


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        Originally posted by BRONCO-BRIAN View Post
        QB orton quinn tebow(r)
        RB moreno buckhalter aarington baker(r)
        FB larsen
        TE graham quinn branson
        WR royal thomas(r) decker(r) arnett(r) gaffney
        OC walton(r) frye
        OG kuper olsen olsen(r) mcchesney
        OT clady harris duncan(r) beadles(r)
        LS paxton
        P colquitt
        K prater
        DE bannan green mcbean thomas
        NT williams baker fields
        LB williams ayers dumervil haggan ayodele kirlew(r) alexander(r)
        CB bailey goodman smith cox(r) vaughn(r) thompson(r)
        FS mcbath burton
        SS dawkins mccarthy(r)

        RB brown
        S bowman
        ILB bishop
        OLB bosworth
        TE geer
        DE garland
        TE overbay
        DE stehle
        Arnett wouldn't make it over McKinley, Lloyd, or Stokley, so at the highest he'd be the 7th receiver. Fry probably won't make it with Walton on the team. There's also a good chance Eric Olsen doesn't make it. I seriously doubt McChesney makes it. Hochstein is a stone cold lock to make the team. I highly doubt Duncan would make it over Polumbus and even Brandon Gorin. I would have Chris Marinelli make the team before him. Alexander probably won't make it. I think Woodyard will be back. There is no chance Nate Jones doesn't make the team. There is also no chance Vaughn makes it. I would be surprised if Thompson made it. McCarthy won't make it over Hill and Barrett. I think Hill will definitely still be on the team and there's also a solid chance Barrett is back as well.

        This is my practice squad.
        QB Brandstater
        RB Lance Ball
        TE Geer
        OT Marinelli
        G E. Olsen
        CB Carter
        DE Baston
        S McCarthy
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        Go Broncos!!!:thumb:


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          Broncos lineup

          When it's all said and done...