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    Week 1: Kyle Orton

    After under .500 or an Orton losing streak: Brady Quinn

    After under .250 or a Quinn losing streak: Tebow

    Only if we need to use Tebow will we use Tebow he needs training. The only reason weld use him is if he cant hurt the team and only help us.

    Depth Chart: Orton...Quinn(for his experience)...Tebow

    Brandstater gets cut
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      Starter: Orton
      Backup: Quinn
      3rd string: Tebow
      Cut or traded to desperate team: Brandstater
      After Bye week: Orton


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        Orton to start
        Quinn Back up
        Tebow 3rd String and Wild Horses
        Brandy- PS Or Released

        I think we'll trade orton before quinn to the vikings possibly
        DENVER STAND UP!!!


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          Quinn Beats out Orton for Week 1 Start

          Tebow Starts Week 6 after Denver loses to the Jets

          Orton is traded before end of Training Camp

          Brandstater is retained as third string if Denver keeps three QBs or is on PS if Denver only keeps two QBs active.

          Denver's Roster 2010 - Week 1

          1. Quinn
          2. Tebow
          3. Brandstater

          It is sooooo hard to make this prediction until seeing at least two preseason games or going to training camp.


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            Orton to start the season
            Orton to start after the bye

            Depth chart: Orton, Tebow (Brandstater emergency QB)
            Quinn traded or released at the end of camp


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              Week 1 - Orton

              After the buy - Orton

              Depth chart - Orton - Tebow - Brandstater

              I think Quinn gets traded before the preseason, although I hope it's Orton that goes.

              In my dreamworld, Tebow starts week 1, Quinn backup and Brandstater 3rd.

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                Week 1 - Orton
                After the bye - Quinn
                Depth Chart- Orton Quinn Tebow

                Brandstater to PS
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                  Week 1: Tebow
                  After bye: Tebow

                  Depth chart: Tebow, Quinn, Brandstater

                  In the preseason, someone will either lose QB to injury or will lose patience and Orton will be traded for a 3rd round pick next season and a 4th round pick the following year.

                  I think McD will be so enamored with Tebow by the end of preseason, his ability to pick up the offense, extend plays, and make plays that he'll give him the reigns.


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                    Brandstater gets cut or sent to practice squad during training camp

                    Before Regular season Depth chart:

                    Week 1: Orton
                    Week 2: Orton

                    Later in the season, Orton gets hurt and Tebow starts.
                    After Orton hurt, here's how it looks:

                    Orton is allowed to walk snd test FA after next season

                    Depth Chart then:
                    Brandstater maybe.

                    The Bills sign Orton.

                    then tebow becomes our franchise QB. (sorry guys but i dont think quinn will do much for us)

                    btw alwilsonformayor, good idea. ill CP ya)
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                      Originally posted by bahn View Post
                      My guess

                      Week 1 Orton

                      After the bye: Orton

                      Depth chart: Orton, Quinn, Tebow, (Tom Brandstater (*released in) PS)

                      Orton will be traded/released next season

                      I think the #1 QB spot is for Orton to lose. Tebow and Quinn will battle it out for the 2nd QB spot. Whoever develops faster goes up to 2nd in the depth chart.
                      *- my addition . What he said
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                        Week 1: Brady Quinn

                        After the bye: Brady Quinn

                        Depth chart: Brady Quinn, Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, Tom Brandstater(ps)

                        Kyle Orton will be traded during the Season.

                        Quinn will start with Tebow coming in for packages. Orton will finally be traded during the season after his valiant effort in regaining the #1 becomes a pipe dream...The Quinn/Tebow duo will just be too powerful and will truly show what a dominating offense should look like.
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                          I think a lot of this depends on TC but for the heck of it i'm gonna go against the traditional thought and go with this:

                          week 1 quinn
                          after bye ( i think this depends on both quarterbacks and play off hunt but for the fun of it) Tebow

                          Depth chart going into season: Quinn, Tebow, Tom

                          Orton traded by the end of training camp so he has a chance to play somwhere else ( he deserves that he did do his best for us)
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                            Originally posted by JJGBPD View Post
                            In my dreamworld, Tebow starts week 1, Quinn backup and Brandstater 3rd.
                            Mine is Tebow week 1, with Orton hanging around to be his Kubiak for many years. Orton fits on the character team that is shaping up.


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                              Originally posted by Jay3 View Post
                              Mine is Tebow week 1, with Orton hanging around to be his Kubiak for many years. Orton fits on the character team that is shaping up.
                              You're right, Orton has been a good fit for this team, however he wants to start. He has even mentioned himself that he is very unhappy with the CBA expiring affecting his ability to test the free market.

                              I personally don't expect him to be here more than another 7-8 months.
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