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    Wow he gets cut after 32 days lol hes only 218 lbs which doesnt scream FB but he is right at the cusp of power back.

    Before the NFL:

    LenDale White is a freight train ready to run defenders over. He is a load to bring down and has solidified himself as one of the best power runners in college football. Leading the way for that potent rushing attack of the Trojans, he has been a consistent force in the backfield. He has a great combination of size and speed, and an underrated sense of vision. Many people forget what a great receiver he is. This quality will help him greatly in the draft.


    He has a tendency to try to be too shifty. Instead, he should be running north and south. The biggest knock on him is his inability to block the pass rush. He needs to get rid of these bad habits or many teams will pass on him.

    Personally ild rather have Baker I dont care if he is a Coloradan and he used to be good he has issues.
    Toney Baker:

    Positives: Hard running interior back with good vision. Effectively uses his blocks, finds the running lanes and shows power in his lower body. Breaks the first tackle and easily picks up yardage off initial contact. Runs underneath his pads and displays the ability to slide off tackles. Solid pass catcher who extends to make the reception away from his frame. Picks up assignments in pass protection and shows footwork as well as the ability to slide laterally.

    Negatives: Shows just a marginal burst of speed. Minimal ability to create yardage.
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      Isn't he in shape because he stopped drinking tequila? That's something I heard from a Seahawks fan this offseason. Anyway he seems to have a drinking problem. I don't want him


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        Pass. Not a horrible pickup, but not a good one either.


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          About Lendale White.

          I've got a friend at work who's a Seahawks fan. According to him one of the reasons White got cut was because he had a poor work ethic. Since he had played for Peter Carroll in college, he figured he could take it easy in training camp.